Ways to Protect Your Car From Theft

December 12, 2013

Sadly the with the holidays approaching that means that the national theft rate will be on the rise. The theft rate in November and December is much higher than other months of the year. There are some things you can do to deter car thieves and keep your car safely in your possession:

  • Lock it up! This one seems like a no-brainer, but statistics have shown that around 50% of all vehicles stolen were left unlocked. Even if you’re just running in to the store for a gallon of milk, double click your locker just to be sure you car is secure.
  • Stay out of the dark. Park your car in a well lit area, preferably where there are people nearby that could witness the act. Well over 1/2 of car thefts happen after dark.
  • Take your keys with you. Don’t leave your keys in your car. It may seem convenient, but you’re basically just handing over the keys to any thief passing by. Even if you think you’ve hid them in your car, thieves know where to look for them. Just take them with you.
  • Close your windows. Don’t leave your windows open when you leave your car. It doesn’t make much sense to lock your car if your windows are wide open. Someone can just reach in and unlock the car.
  • Use your garage! If you have a car garage, use it! Clean it out and store other items in the rafters or somewhere else. Not only will your car be much more comfortable (warm in the winter, cool in summer), but it will be concealed from thieves.

Most of these tips seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many drivers don’t follow these simple and effective theft deterring tips. Protect your car today and lock it up! Check your auto insurance policy for what is covered due to vehicle theft, and if necessary get more coverage or better deductibles.