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You Don’t Need to Have a Car to Need Car Insurance

You’ve heard the saying that “insurance follows the car”. Have you heard of insurance that follows you, regardless of what vehicle you are driving? Many people have never heard about broad form named operator insurance. One reason is that Washington is one of the few states that offers this type of policy. So, what’s different about broad form insurance?

Unlike most auto insurance, where you buy insurance on your specific car(s), this coverage provides insurance on a specific driver. You pay the same amount whether you own one car, four cars, or even more cars – or no cars at all. You don’t even have to call Vern Fonk when you buy, sell, or trade cars, because no cars are listed on your policy.


What is Broad Form Insurance?

Here’s the scenario: You borrow someone’s car and you don’t think to ask if they have insurance. If you cause an accident while driving that vehicle, you would have some protection to help pay for injuries and damages to the other car and its passengers. Your broad form insurance would also help pay for your own injuries (if you were smart and took the offered Personal Injury Protection part).

Broad form insurance satisfies the state insurance requirement by covering bodily injury or property damage you cause to others while YOU are driving a car, whether you own the car or not.

Understand that with broad form insurance there is no option to purchase physical damage coverage such as comprehensive and collision. Thus, if you were at fault in an accident, repairs to the car you are driving would not be covered, and in a total loss collision, you would not receive any payment from your insurer. Broad form insurance does allow the driver the option of purchasing personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage (and it’s a good idea).

An SR-22 filing (for those who need to prove they have insurance to the state but who do not have a car) can also be added to a broad form policy.

About Vern Fonk Broad Form Insurance:

  • You, and only you, are covered while driving a car you own or have permission to use.

  • You are not covered if you let someone else drive a car you own. (But you could be held legally responsible).

  • You are not covered while driving a motorcycle, motor home, or while driving for business use.

  • You are not covered for any physical damage that happens to a car you own or drive.

  • If another policy provides coverage on the car you are driving, your broad form policy will be excess (secondary) of that coverage.

Washington Broad Form Insurance Quotes

If you are looking to purchase Washington broad form insurance, call Vern Fonk or get a broad form insurance quote online today. The insurance advisors at Vern Fonk are well-versed in broad form insurance and will find you competitive rates.

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