About Us


Vern Fonk Insurance is the largest insurance broker in the state of Washington and has been serving the Pacific Northwest for over 60 years. That’s how you know we’re good at what we do; we’ve been around for decades and generally only lose a customer when they move out of state. Our car, homeowner’s, and business insurance rates are extremely competitive so you can be sure you’re getting the best rates with Vern Fonk. Many insurance companies have big names – Geico, Progressive, Farmer’s, and Mercury.

Other insurance companies have a fancy spokesman – Dennis Haysbert with Allstate, and Shaquille O’Neal with The General. At Vern Fonk, a Washington and Oregon Insurance Company, we have a local celebrity – myself, Vern Fonk, who represents more than 20 different insurance companies. You may have seen our TV commercials – funny, huh? But don’t let our humor mislead you; as an experienced insurance agency, our family is here to protect you and your family or business. If you get in a car accident, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your claim is paid promptly. If your home is robbed, our Vern Fonk insurance agents will make sure the items are replaced without delay. And if someone falls at your business, we’ll make sure your generally liability insurance covers you.


Nobody wants to think about insurance, but insurance is necessary to protect your car, home, and business. Since 1952, Vern Fonk has been looking after its Washington and Oregon insurance clients from all walks of life. Whether you have a perfect driving history or points on your record, Vern Fonk prides itself on providing affordable insurance to all drivers. If you require an SR22, have a DUI, or you have been convicted of reckless driving, Vern Fonk can help. High-risk car insurance policies are one of the mainstays of our Washington and Oregon insurance business.

Specializing in both personal lines and commercial insurance, Vern Fonk offers a variety of policy types including auto, SR22, broad form, renters, motorcycle, and motorhome on the personal lines side, and business, commercial auto, general liability, surety and contract bonds, contractor’s insurance and umbrella insurance on the commercial side. If you seek any other type of personal lines or small commercial insurance, Vern Fonk is here to help; we have decades of experience and are committed to providing you exceptional service, every time.

Whether you need auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance or business insurance in Washington and Oregon call Vern Fonk at 800-455-8276 today. We provide the best of both worlds – a large insurance companies behind us, but friendly, local Fonk insurance agents who will treat you like family.