Renter’s Insurance – Help When You Need It

Homeowners Insurance
May 9, 2014

rentersIf you are renting a home, condo, apartment or townhome you should have a good renter’s insurance policy. Many people don’t really realize how much “stuff” they have and what it’s worth until it’s gone. If you’re considering renters insurance ask yourself this question – would I be able to afford to replace all of my belongings at a moment’s notice? If you answered no to this question (as most people would), you NEED a good insurance policy.

If someone were to break in and steal your stuff, or if your home was damaged in a fire and belongings were destroyed it could be devastating. A good renter’s insurance policy can help replace these items in certain situations. Your computer, jewelry, television, electronics, furniture and art can be very expensive to replace. To replace them all at once could cost thousands of dollars. Renter’s insurance policies are typically very cheap, only costing a few dollars a month. It’s worth it to cover yourself for the future.

Situations that Rental Insurance Can Cover:

  • Lighting strikes (fire)
  • Fire
  • Snow damage (from the weight)
  • Explosions (such as gas leaks)
  • Damage caused by vehicle or aircraft
  • Smoke damage
  • Hail and windstorm damage
  • Theft/Vandalisim or malicious mischeif
  • Damage from Riots or civil commotion
  • Falling objects (trees, meteors, etc.)
  • Water damage from plumbing, heating or cooling systems

When shopping around for renter’s insurance make sure you check what your policy will cover and what it will NOT cover. Your agent will help you figure out what policy will work best for your living situation and your budget.

If you rent you should have a good insurance policy. Just as home owner’s need homeowner’s insurance to protect their investment, you need to protect yourself from unforeseen disasters.

Call a Vern Fonk Agent today or stop on by one of our stores to get a policy that works for your living situation and your budget.