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Protect Your Workers and Your Worksite With Contractors Insurance in Washington and Oregon

If you are a contractor in Washington or Oregon, you know there are events in both life and business you can’t prevent. These events can cause damage to your worksite or workers – no amount of preparation could have stopped them. However, as a contractor, you can make sure you are protected with Washington contractor insurance or Oregon contractor insurance through Vern Fonk. This is one of the first steps to take in order to establish the surety of your business. Because without the proper contractors insurance, you may be setting yourself up for unforeseen obstacles in the future.

Contractors insurance, also known as construction insurance, is a moving target as the laws change and even the contractors themselves evolve into new and different services. In today’s litigious environment, contractors are finding it difficult to be successful with the increased risk of lawsuits as well as the increased costs of quality labor and contractors liability insurance. That’s why having the right insurance broker is key to the success of any contractor business. Vern Fonk contractors insurance has a dedicated and focused approach to meeting the needs of every Washington and Oregon construction business we insure. Many of our contractor liability insurance policies are as low as $500 per year.

Types of Contractor Liability Insurance Coverage

Contractor general liability insurance goes by many names, but serve the same purpose of providing coverage that fits a specific need. Here are some common types of coverage:

General contractor insurance
As a general contractor, you take the lead on construction projects making you the prime target should something go wrong. Holding a general contractor liability insurance policy is a critical part of being a responsible party, and is mandatory if you wish to be awarded construction contracts.

Subcontractor insurance
Subcontractor liability insurance is no different than general contractors liability insurance in that it provides coverage for construction professionals. Subcontractors cannot rely on piggybacking on the general contractors policy, so they need to have, and are oftentimes contractually required to carry, their own policy.

Electrical contractor insurance
As an electrician, you are responsible for properly wiring residential and commercial buildings where the margin of error is slim and the liability potential great. Carrying the right coverage is vital and a requirement in order to be able to work in this industry.

Handyman insurance
As a handyman, you might not be a licensed contractor, but you are still responsible for doing all sorts of smaller, residential construction projects. This means your liability exposure can be great, necessitating a handyman insurance policy that provides the liability and property protection you desperately need.


What is Covered by Contractors Insurance and What is Not

Contractor insurance generally has three parts to it, a schedule to cover you, a schedule to cover the company or person you are contracted to and a schedule to cover any member of the public affected directly by your work as a contractor. In each of the categories, there is a full protection option available from Vern Fonk against accidental damage caused to equipment and property and full liability protection covering medical, legal and compensation costs.

Contractor insurance typically will not cover negligent acts or errors that are deliberate. Nor will they provide extended coverage if you demonstrate a pattern of consistent, negligent behavior. Other than those two major exclusions, contractor insurance is typically very comprehensive as it gives you and the company that has offered you the contract, a safety net that otherwise would not be available.

Vern Fonk is Your Source for Washington Contractors Insurance and Oregon Contractors Insurance

When it comes to contractor’s insurance, the key is finding an agent that not only understands your industry, but also is willing to educate you on what protection you need in place to limit your exposure. That’s where Vern Fonk shines. At Vern Fonk, we take the time to understand what kind of contractor’s insurance you actually need, how much coverage you want, and the most competitive rates to adequately protect you.

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