Protect Your Home and Vehicle From Theft

December 22, 2014

During the Holidays the national theft rate rises. Unfortunately, people are more likely to have their homes broken into and their cars stolen in November – January than any other time of year. December is especially notorious for break ins and vandalism.

We’ve put together a list of helpful anti-theft tips you can use to protect your car and your home:

  1. LOCK UP! A lot of people do this already, but studies have shown that 50% of all vehicles stolen were left unlocked at the time of the rime. Lock up your home and your car whenever you leave it, even if you’re just running in to the store for an item or two. 
  2. Stay in the light! Thieves are less likely to steal in a well lit area, where people may catch on to what is happening. Park on streets where there is more activity and where they are lit if possible. Stay away from alleyways if you can. Leave a few lights on in your house when you leave or even keep the TV running if you’re just leaving for an hour or two.
  3. Close your windows! Roll your car windows up when you leave it. It doesn’t make much sense if you lock your car but leave your windows open. Make sure your house windows are closed and locked whenever you leave the house.
  4. Get a good insurance policy! No matter what you do, you still may be unlucky and fall victim to theft. Make sure you’d be covered if it happened to you. Get a good home owner’s insurance policy and car insurance policy that will cover you in these situations.

If you already follow these simple tips, good job! Stay safe out there.