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Sometimes, if you own a small business and you use your vehicle for your own personal use, then a personal insurance policy is usually all you need for Washington or Oregon commercial auto insurance coverage.

That said, if you operate vehicles to transport products or people, require high liability insurance, haul equipment, or have other similar special needs, then a commercial auto insurance policy is probably best for you. A commercial auto insurance policy covers certain legal liability resulting from bodily injury or property damage caused by the vehicles used in your business.

At Vern Fonk, we provide both Washington commercial auto insurance and Oregon commercial auto insurance, making sure to get you the best rates for your business.

Vehicles and Trailers Commercial Insurance Typically Covers

At Vern Fonk, our commercial insurance policies cover a great number of vehicles and trailers including:

Private Passenger

  • SUV
  • Sport
  • Luxury
  • Mini Van
  • Full Size Van
  • Step Van (<10,000 GVW)
  • Delivery Van (>10,000 GVW)


Trucks (up to 40,000 GVW) that are eligible for Commercial Auto Insurance

  • Pickup Truck (2×4)
  • Pickup Truck (4×4)
  • Pickup Truck (5th wheel)
  • Catering Truck
  • Straight Truck
  • Flatbed Truck
  • Stake Body Truck
  • Refrigerated Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Tank Truck
  • Tractor Cab (Cab only)


Trailers that are eligible for Commercial Auto Insurance

  • Utility Trailer (up to 12 feet)
  • Utility Trailer (greater than 12 feet)
  • Dry Freight Trailer
  • Refrigerated Dry Freight Trailer
  • Dump Trailer
  • Flatbed Trailer
  • Livestock Trailer
  • Other Trailer


What Does Washington Commercial Auto Insurance and Oregon Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Commercial auto insurance, like your personal auto policy, provides similar coverages such as liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments (or personal injury protection) and uninsured motorist’s coverage.

However, there are also differences between a commercial auto insurance policy and your personal auto insurance policy that may include eligibility, definitions, coverages, exclusions and limits.

Most commercial auto policies are “named driver only” policies, meaning only those drivers listed on the policy can operate a covered auto.

What are some of the commercial auto insurance policies Vern Fonk provides?

  • Bodily injury liability coverage – The policy pays when you are legally liable for causing bodily injury to another person.
  • Property damage liability coverage – The policy provides protection if your commercial vehicle accidentally damages another person’s property.
  • Combined single limit – Liability policies typically offer separate limits that apply to bodily injury claims for property damage. A combined single limits policy has the same dollar amount per covered occurrence whether bodily injury or property damage, occurs to one person or several.
  • Medical Payments or Personal Injury – This policy usually pays for the medical expenses of the driver and passengers in your commercial vehicle incurred as a result of a covered accident regardless of fault.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage – This policy pays for your injuries, and in some cases, certain property damage caused by the uninsured or a hit-and-run driver. This is for cases where the at fault driver has insufficient insurance.
  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage – This policy pays for damage to or replacement of your commercial vehicle from theft, vandalism, flood, fire and other covered perils.
  • Collision coverage – The policy pays for damage to your commercial vehicle from collision or upset regardless of fault, subject to your deductible.
Washington and Oregon Business Insurance Vern Fonk Provides

In addition to commercial auto insurance, you can rely on Vern Fonk for other insurance related to your business:

  • Commercial Trucking Insurance
  • Contractor’s Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • General Liability


Contact Vern Fonk for Your Washington Commercial Auto Insurance or Oregon Commercial Auto Insurance

Buying commercial auto insurance for your Oregon or Washington business from another business with insurance locations in Washington and Oregon is good for business. In the declining global economy, we can make our local economy strong by working together. At Vern Fonk, we care about the local farmer, contractor, artisan, carpenter, electrician, delivery driver, short-haul trucker, salesman and other business owners. Whether your company needs to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy is dependent on the type of driving your employees do. Our Vern Fonk commercial auto insurance agents will sit down with you and explain your business’s auto insurance options. You will be asked about how your employees use their vehicles, which employees drive company cars, and if some employees will be using their own cars for company work and travel.
Vern Fonk also sells other types of business insurance policies throughout Washington and Oregon including commercial trucking insurance, general liability insurance, umbrella insurance, and contractor’s insurance.

If you need quality commercial auto insurance by a reputable company, get an online quote or call Vern Fonk Today!