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Umbrella Insurance IN WASHINGTON

Umbrella insurance – which sounds like insurance for the actual umbrella you carry 24/7 in Washington – is extra liability insurance that you purchase ion top of your regular insurance policies, be they for personal or business. As its name implies, umbrella insurance sits above your other insurance policies like an umbrella, providing added financial protection in the event that other policies cannot cover the loss.

It used to be that only the very wealthy needed umbrella insurance. Unfortunately, in today’s sue-happy atmosphere, anyone can be taken to court for almost any reason at just about any time, so umbrella insurance provides added protection against losses. If someone trips over a pile of hiking gear you’re donating and lands in your driveway, or your tree falls on a neighbor’s house during a rainstorm (because what other kind of storm would it ever be in WA?!), they can successfully sue you for damages. Anything that happens on your property or because of your property is fair game and not always covered by traditional homeowners insurance. Umbrella policies provide protection in many situations that usual liability policies don’t cover.

If you are looking for Washington umbrella insurance, Vern Fonk offers absurdly affordable rates and a wide assortment of policies to keep you protected.


What is Umbrella Insurance?

Liability issues are everywhere (dun dun dun!) and you never know what could cause someone to present you with a lawsuit. We wish people could lighten up like all of us here at Vern Fonk, but when they can’t, umbrella Insurance policies protect you from liability issues that go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies.

This policy literally puts you under its umbrella so that when you exceed the liability coverage limits on an insurance line, you will still be protected.

What Does Vern Fonk Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Most liability coverage that rests within your current insurance policies only covers bodily injury and property damage to others. Umbrella policies will extend those limits to not only provide additional coverage for bodily injury and property damage, but also to cover things that are not listed under regular liability allowances. Every policy is different, so what is considered a covered liability issue under one insurance line may not be covered on another insurance line. Umbrella insurance kicks in when these situations present themselves and/or you exceed the amount of liability coverage for the events that are already allowed under your regular insurance policies.

Why Should You Purchase Umbrella Insurance from Vern Fonk?

You may not think you need an umbrella policy, but consider this: What happens to you and your family’s assets should you be sued for something that occurred at your home while the legal costs of the lawsuit greatly exceed the liability coverage defined by your homeowners policy? Who will pick up the tab if you are responsible for a multi-car accident and your liability costs exceed the limits on your car insurance by thousands of dollars? Although these kinds of things may not be common occurrences, you cannot be too careful. None of that is any fun but do you know what is? Very Fonk umbrella insurance typically purchased at a low cost to you, so you don’t have to worry about liability costs in the future.

Every umbrella insurance policy has a limit. When you talk with Vern Fonk umbrella insurance agents, you will be asked to detail your assets, risks, and other insurance policies to determine your umbrella policy limits. Of these details, your risk carries the most weight. Do you live in a wealthy part of town and affect the lives of many people? Do you own property on which others may become easily injured, such as a bar or an ice-skating rink? These details will play a significant role in determining your umbrella policy limits.

With an umbrella policy, depending on the insurance company, one can add an additional $1-$5 million in liability protection… which is a huge something to smile about!