Car Insurance with Roadside Assistance for Your Summer Vacation in Washington 

Car Insurance
June 19, 2023
Roadside assistance technician checks battery

Picture this: you’re driving through the stunning Stehekin Valley in Washington’s North Cascade National Park, taking in the scenic views, when suddenly your car engine starts making a funny sound. Maybe funny isn’t the right word. You haven’t seen another car or a gas station for miles, and you begin to panic. 

But wait, you remember that you have your car insurance membership card with you and that your auto policy includes roadside assistance. Ah, the comfort it brings! With a 24-hour phone number at your fingertips, you feel a sense of security, knowing that you and your family can tackle anything that comes your way, even a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere. 

The moral of the story? As you gear up for your summer getaway, don’t forget to pack some auto insurance with roadside aid or breakdown services. Because getting stranded on the side of the road without coverage is as bad as getting a sunburn on your first day at the beach.  

Buckle up, folks! We’re about to embark on a journey through some scenarios that will show you why having roadside assistance is the ultimate summer road trip essential.  

That Nearby Gas Station Isn’t as Nearby as You Thought 

Summer vacation isn’t a time for traveling on highways and byways so familiar you could make your way with your eyes closed. (No, don’t take us up on that challenge!) It’s a time to discover unfamiliar surroundings and have exciting adventures in strange lands.  

The only downside is that you don’t know the filling station locations like you know those at home. Even the road signs can be unhelpful. It says there’s gas 5 miles ahead, but that gives you plenty of time to forget to watch for the exit.  

Or you get to feeling overly confident: “We don’t need to stop now. The needle hasn’t hit ‘empty.’ We’ll find a station when we need it.”  

When your overconfidence sends you to the shoulder of an unfamiliar road with a dry tank, it’s nice to know you can call your toll-free roadside assistance phone number any time of the day or night and ask for a driver with a can of gas. Sure, you’ll be a little embarrassed when help shows up, but you’ll get delivery of enough fuel to make it to the next service station. 

Your Road Beast Ain’t as Young as It Used to Be 

Age happens. Even to that always-dependable vehicle that’s gotten you just about everywhere for the last several years. 

How far will you be traveling in it this summer? Will there be a lot of stop-and-start travel through some of Seattle’s busiest highways? Will the brakes get a workout on the hills and valleys of Western Washington? Will the total mileage look like math that even your calculator couldn’t handle?  

Washington and the rest of the Pacific Northwest is a vast region of an even vaster nation. You might not notice how the miles have stacked up until steam rises from your car’s radiator. Or the brakes start to squeal, or the engine wheezes like an old man. 

It’s tempting to turn up the radio and continue to drive, trusting that the scary noise will eventually just go away. Spoiler alert: It won’t.  

If there isn’t a service garage in sight, your wisest move might be to safely pull out of traffic and call roadside assistance for towing or other help. 

“What Did We Just Run Over?” 

Those could well be the last words of you or a loved one before the car starts to shudder and wobble, and you find yourself fighting your steering wheel. Now you know, whatever it was you rolled over, it was probably sharp and nasty. You’ve got a tire blowout crisis on your hands. 

No problem, you’ll just jack up your car, put your lug wrench to work, and get fresh rubber under you in no time. Unless… 

Your driver’s ed course didn’t include lessons on how to change a tire. Or there’s no dependable spare in the trunk. Or it’s pouring rain. Or it’s dark and scary, and you don’t have a good light source to work under. Or you’re on the side of a busy highway and concerned about your safety while changing your tire. Or… 

The point is that you can have plenty of reasons to wish you had the help of someone who does this sort of thing for a living. Someone like the service technician who’ll show up any time of the day or night — weekday, weekend, or holiday — and change the tire or tow you to a garage where you can buy a replacement. 

African-American man in front of his car with the hood up on the phone to roadside assistance

It’s Just … Dead  

A dead car battery might be a shock or an almost expected crisis, depending on its age and condition. Even a new battery can give you a rude surprise if accidentally left draining all night. 

Whatever the case, you’ll get a technician on the way 24/7 with just a phone call. Your rescue might come in the form of a quick and easy boost or a tow to a garage where you can buy a desperately needed new battery. 

Either way, it will only be a brief hiccup to your summer vacation plans if you have roadside assistance.    

See Why You Need Cheap Car Insurance with Roadside Assistance?  

With the right coverage, you can leave your worries behind and hit the open road with peace of mind on your summer road trip. Make sure to have a working cellphone with this important, 24-hour phone number stored in your address book. Alternatively, carry a business card with the number in your wallet or purse. 

Or simply download the app to use if you have service. 

This number or app could be the key to your family’s rescue if you experience a dead battery, tire blowouts, engine failure, overheating, collision, or any other emergency that could leave you stranded and put your summer vacation plans on hold. Your always-on-call operator can even send a locksmith to assist you if you’re locked out of your car. 

Affordable Car Insurance with Roadside Assistance is Available in Washington 

You have no guarantee of a flawless Washington summer vacation. But you can be assured of timely assistance when stranded for one of countless possible reasons. So, before the summer fun begins, make sure your auto insurance includes roadside assistance benefits. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did! 

Your independent Vern Fonk Insurance agent is your source for cheap car insurance that includes this valuable add-on. Just call us before your summer adventures at (800) 455-8276 or go online for a quick quote. You can also find a Vern Fonk office in Washington near you.