Does Hot Weather Increase Your Car Insurance?

Car Insurance
July 22, 2021
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Rising temperatures can negatively affect your car insurance in a number of different ways. Here’s what you need to know about your car insurance when it starts to get hot outside.

Individual Accidents

Let’s start with the good news: Your insurance carrier doesn’t simply raise rates because it is hot outside. And this may be particularly good news if you live in a very hot area.

However, the bad news is that insurance carriers may raise rates if there are many different claims in an area. This is one of the reasons why different zip codes have different average insurance rates. And summer is likely to cause many different accidents in your area.

As tires heat up and drive on hot pavement, they are likely to cause blowouts and accidents, or you could get a flat tire on the road. The heat can also sap car batteries, leading to vehicles being stuck in the middle of traffic and possibly causing accidents. Finally, oil and coolant issues that cause wrecks are even worse during the summer.

While you can’t control what other people do with their vehicles, there are a few easy maintenance tips to help you protect your own.

Protect Your Car With Some Summer Maintenance

The number one priority should be your tires. If you’re planning any road trips or summer vacations, it would be good to replace your tires ahead of time. Remember, for every 10 degrees the temperature rises, there is an extra pound or two of pressure on your tires. This may cause them to blow out while you drive, even if they don’t look worn down.

High summer temperatures can also drain your car’s battery quicker than you expect. It wouldn’t hurt to replace the battery entirely, or at least have professional mechanics examine the battery to make sure it is not corroded and that it is mounted securely. At the bare minimum, though, you should carry jumper cables or a car battery jump box if your battery dies.

It wouldn’t hurt to replace your windshield wipers. They can sometimes melt to the window, and summer rains can be pretty dangerous to drive in.

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Finally, make sure to regularly have your local shop top off your oil and coolant. While this may sound like quite a few steps, it doesn’t take long at all to prepare your car for the summer. And remember: Even one car accident can dramatically raise your car insurance rate!

Crime on the Rise

Remember when we said that your insurance carrier would consider your specific zipcode when determining rates? In addition to scanning for the number of insurance claims in the area, they will also try to verify how safe your area is.

In some cases, the crime is worse than simple vandalism or stealing a few items from your car. During the summer, car thieves are far likelier to drive away with your entire vehicle if they get the chance!

You can follow certain safety tips, like locking your vehicle and making sure no valuable items in your car are visible from the outside. But for maximum protection, you should consider taking out comprehensive car insurance, as this will give you the added protection against vandals and thieves that you need during the warmer months.

Rising Motorcycle Insurance

Ever notice how many more motorcycles you see on the road during the summer? Many who love to ride keep their motorcycles in the garage or storage during the coldest months. But as the weather warms up, they take these bikes out for a drive.

Unfortunately, this can lead to an influx of motorcycle accidents. Honestly, motorcycles are pretty dangerous to drive at any time of the year. But during the summer, bikers must deal with added traffic from all the people traveling for vacations and road trips. And bikers, too, must be wary of unexpected tire blowouts.

If you drive a motorcycle, be sure to drive extra-cautiously and wear all of your proper safety gear. And, of course, make sure you have good motorcycle coverage.

If you drive a car or truck, be on the lookout for motorcycle drivers: Crashing into a motorcycle could be fatal for the driver and also spike up your insurance premiums.

Summer Vacation May Bring More Sleepy Drivers to the Roads

In the summer, one threat you may not be aware of comes from drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. Those long drives combined with rising temperatures are enough to put people to sleep.

When it comes to other people, there is little you can do but keep an eye out for erratic driving. Try to avoid such drivers and call the authorities as needed. As for yourself, try to avoid driving at all when you are tired and don’t forget to get the occasional coffee or soda on the road to stay awake.

By avoiding summer car crashes, you can make sure your insurance premium stays relatively low throughout the year!

Get the Right Protection All Year-Round

Now you know what rising temperatures can mean for your car insurance. But do you know where you can find the automobile insurance coverage you need all year round?

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