Many Washington Residents Losing Apple Health (Medicaid) Coverage Soon

April 14, 2023
Sick woman is worried about lsing her Medicaid in Washington

About 300,000 people who live in Washington State and rely on Medicaid for their healthcare needs will soon be facing mandatory re-enrollment that could result in the loss of their coverage. Known in Washington as Apple Health, a safety net put in place by the federal government during the pandemic that eliminated the annual plan renewal requirements will expire on May 11.

Those who receive Medicaid in the Pacific Northwest and Washington have started receiving their letter asking for updated information about their income, household size and address. You may be contacted through paper mail, email or text. It is vital that you do not disregard your notice, since if you do not respond, you will be automatically dropped.

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What’s Happening to My Apple Health?

During the pandemic, the federal government stopped the normal Medicaid process of asking recipients to reaffirm their medical needs annually on their enrollment date. This reauthorization process asks for an updated income level amount, number of dependents in the household and address changes, if any. While the process was on hold, many people were automatically reenrolled in the program and families and individuals were not dropped.

Now, the government has reinstated this program and your Medicaid (or Apple Health) administrating agency is sending out letters to all those enrolled, except those whose qualifying status can be confirmed through existing verification systems.

The takeaway is that if you receive a communication from your Apple Health agency, you should reply. To be proactive, you should ensure your contact information is correct at the Washington healthcare marketplace page.

Smiling man in wheelchair has found new health insurance in washington after losing his Medicaid

Am I Going to Lose My Medicaid?

You might. The good news is that if you are notified that you no longer meet the requirements for Apple Health, there are some affordable options available in Washington’s health marketplace. There are plans available for Washington residents for health insurance for less than $10 per month with federal subsidies. You will have 60 days to enroll during a special enrollment period that begins when you are notified you will lose Medicaid.

Washington has already started the process of checking eligibility of the people who use Medicaid in their state, but due to the enormity of the task, it could be 9 months to one year before you receive your letter.

Your children may still be eligible to receive their healthcare free (or at a greatly reduced cost) through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This program is for families who have an income too high for Medicaid but not high enough to afford private care.

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Remember, it’s important to remain proactive during this time. If it looks like you will lose your Medicaid, reach out to the caring agents at Vern Fonk. We can help you find affordable healthcare so you don’t have to be stressed during this time. Give us a call at (800) 455-8276 or visit our website for help.