Red Cars and Other Curiosities of Washington State Car Insurance 

Car Insurance
June 06, 2023
young woman washing her red car in washington

You’ve heard about the dangers of owning a red automobile, right? We’re talking about the financial risks related to speeding tickets and car insurance premiums. Fact or myth? 

Read on to find out the truth about red cars, and other factors that will (or won’t) influence what you’ll pay for car insurance in Washington. 

Don’t Worry About Your Red Car (Necessarily) 

The prevailing belief is that drivers of red vehicles will pay more for their car policy. That’s probably related to another popular belief: The police in Washington stop the drivers of red cars more frequently for speeding and other moving violations. If you think of the typical red vehicle as being a flashy sports car, well, okay, you might indeed pay more to insure that crimson ride. But that would be because it’s a sports car, not because of your color choice. 

Insurers believe sports models and other high-performance vehicles are typically driven by motorists with a heavy foot on the accelerator. That reputation means sports cars typically cost more to insure because of their higher risk profiles. They have more moving violations, the collision damage and parts replacement costs are frequently more than for other vehicles, and the theft risk can be higher. Sports cars also tend to be more expensive than less “sexy” vehicles. 

What all this means is that it could cost you more to insure your sporty model, regardless of its color. So you should investigate the cost of insuring your vehicle before you buy it, whatever the make or model – or color. 

Here are a few more little-known factors that can be good news or bad when it comes to determining what you’ll pay in premiums. 

Where You (and Your Car) Live in WA Matters 

You already know that the zip code means a lot in terms of what your home or apartment will likely cost. It’s the same with your car policy. 

Underwriters can run the numbers and see that certain parts of the area are riskier for vehicles. They might get stolen or vandalized more in some zip codes than in others. Where that is likelier to happen, you’ll pay more for insurance

It can also make a difference whether you park your automobile in a garage, on-street parking, or in an exposed surface parking lot, such as one with an apartment building. Your insurer might charge you less if your car is protected from weather and bad guys than if it’s always left out in the open. 

Those Who Can Afford It the Least Often Pay the Most for Car Insurance 

Life’s unfair. You probably already know that, but if you need a reminder, consider the fact that those with the lowest credit scores tend to pay the most for their car coverage. 

This is because underwriters assume that those with poor credit may not pay their bill in a timely manner or might not be able to pay their deductible amount if an accident occurs. They like to point to reports that allegedly show people with low credit scores are more likely to get into an accident and file a claim.  

But your credit score could be low because of something that isn’t your fault, like a family member’s health crisis. You may be a responsible person, but you still might pay more for your policy. 

The one piece of good news on this front is that the steps you take to pay down your debts and otherwise improve your credit rating can also result in an eventual decrease in your premiums as your credit scores go up. 

senior couple snuggles in their red car in washington

Married Couples in Washington Save More on Coverage 

Married people and those in long-term domestic relationships can often get a better deal than singles. That’s because insurance underwriters view married folks as being more responsible and financially stable. 

That’s certainly not always the truth, but it can be to your advantage if you’ve tied the knot. You could see a savings rate of as much as four percentage points if you’ve taken that step. 

Washingtonian Students Who Get Good Grades Can Get Insurance Premium Relief 

If you’ve started to price out rates for your young drivers, you know the cost can be outrageous. That’s because teenagers and young adult drivers — especially males — tend to drive faster and more recklessly, and they usually get more speeding tickets and into more accidents than mature drivers. As a result, parents need all the help they can get when it comes to premium relief. 

Sharp agents might be able to help you find rate discounts in a number of areas. For instance, some carriers charge less for high school or college students who get good grades. The thinking here is that those who do well in school are likely to also be more responsible behind the wheel and thus cost the insurer less. 

Be sure to bring this to the attention of your agent if your kids are getting good grades. 

You’ll Save More With an Independent Car Insurance Broker 

An independent agent is one with contractual relationships with multiple companies, not just one. Those agents who work for just one company can only show you policies from that carrier, but an independent agent in Washington can go shopping for the best deals from several insurers. 

Independent agents have the scoop on all the factors that figure into what you’ll pay for car insurance. They’ll share various discount offers and additional strategies for saving on your policy. 

Get Affordable Auto Insurance No Matter the Color of Your Car 

Whether you have a red car or not, we can help you save a significant amount on your next auto insurance policy. Call your Vern Fonk Insurance independent agent at (800) 455-8276 and we’ll help you find the best deal to fit your situation and circumstances. You can also get a quick online quote or find a Vern Fonk Washington office near you