Do I Need Multiple Auto Insurance Plans in Washington if I Own Multiple Cars? 

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April 04, 2022
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There can be a notable cost advantage to using one car insurance company for all the cars in your personal “fleet” in the Pacific Northwest. A multiple vehicle policy works pretty much the same way as the price break you get for purchasing anything in volume. Consider what you’ll pay for one apple versus the cost of buying a bushel of them. 

As with your friendly apple seller, your car insurance agent is motivated by the prospect of handling your volume business. If you two already have an established relationship, it’s easier to extend that relationship with a policy addition than having to start over with a stranger. So why shouldn’t you get a price break by introducing your trusted agent to another vehicle? 

But does it really make all that much of a difference? 

Your Multiple Vehicle Discount Could Be Considerable in Washington 

You could get a price break of anywhere from about 10% to a whopping 25% off what you would otherwise pay when you put additional vehicles on your existing policy. 

As we said, it’s easier for your agent to make multiple sales to one customer they’ve already done business with than to establish multiple relationships with multiple strangers. Fewer phone calls, fewer introductions, less hassle. Also, your car insurance agent already knows your driving record and your reputation for paying your bills on time, so why wouldn’t they be highly motivated to do business with you again? 

The best news is that a multiple vehicle discount is only one way to find the most affordable auto insurance coverage. You can’t haggle base rates for insurance because those are set by the state’s department of insurance. But you can earn price breaks by taking advantage of certain discount programs and savings strategies in the state of Washington, including the following five programs. 

1. Bundle Insurance Policies 

Remember the magic of volume buying in terms of putting multiple cars on the same insurance policy? You can find that same effect with something called bundling policies. If you own a home, you have a homeowners policy. You might have a renters policy if you have an apartment or condo. How about life insurance? 

If you insure all of these together with one insurer, you’ll most likely get a sweet discount

2. Assume a Higher Deductible 

Your deductible is the amount you’ll pay for damages before your insurance policy kicks in. So if you have a $500 deductible, that’s how much you’ll pay on $2,000 in damages before your insurer pays the remaining $1,500. Given that your insurer wants to pay less on settlements, they’ll charge you less in premiums if you pick up a higher deductible. 

Ask your car insurance agent to run the numbers on coverage rates at various deductible levels. Just remember, while higher deductibles mean you’ll pay less in premiums, it will cost you more out of pocket if you make a claim. So, it’s a trade-off. Just make sure you can afford the deductible you choose. 

3. Pay Your Auto Insurance Policy in Full 

Some insurance companies will offer a discount if you pay your policy in full, upfront, rather than monthly or quarterly. If you can afford the higher cost, it might be worth at least asking your agent to investigate. Similarly, some insurers will grant a rate cut if you agree to an automatic withdrawal, in which the premium amount automatically comes out of your checking or savings account when due. These discounts might not save you much, but every little bit helps. 

4. Earn Good Grades to See a Discount on Young Driver Car Insurance 

If you have a teen or college-age driver, you might already be painfully aware of how much more they pay for car insurance. That’s because as a group, younger drivers tend to drive faster, accumulate more moving violations and points, and get into more accidents than more mature drivers. 

However, many insurance underwriters recognize that young people in high school and college who get good grades tend to also be more responsible drivers. If you’re trying to insure your young driver who’s a good student, ask your insurance agent if they offer a policy with such a feature. It could be well worth the ask. 

5. Take a Defensive Driving Course 

A little education could go a long way. Or, at least that’s what some auto insurers think. Ask your agent if their carrier has such a course and how much you can save by taking it and reducing accident risk. Or have your teen driver sign up. That might be a good idea for multiple reasons. 

6. Do Business with an Independent Insurance Agent 

Some insurance agents only work for one carrier, so they can only offer you coverage from that single source. Independent insurance agents, on the other hand, represent numerous insurance companies. They might also offer multiple lines of coverage, such as car, life, homeowners, business, and others. 

So, if you’re asking about discounts for your young driver’s good grades, not every insurer will offer such a program. But it’s likelier that an insurance agent who represents several major carriers can find at least one. 

Moreover, when it comes to bundling coverage for rate savings, an agent who offers multiple types of coverage might be able to find you a deal on homeowners and auto insurance bought together. Only your independent insurance agent can go rate and plan shopping for you to this degree. 

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