Best Insurance Discounts of 2022 for Oregon Drivers

Car Insurance
January 11, 2022
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Face it, you’re never going to love the experience of buying car insurance — no matter what a great investment you know it to be in the long run. You might see your coverage as something you’ll probably never need, and it means bad things have happened if you do have to call your agent. 

The good news is that Oregon drivers can still save significantly in ’22 on their car insurance. Here’s how. 

How Can I Take Advantage of Oregon Car Insurance Discounts? 

They’re not always obvious, but there are several discount opportunities for Oregon drivers out there. The savvy customer could save by bundling car and homeowners insurance, installing anti-theft devices, and taking advantage of several other programs. 

As in most states, you can’t simply negotiate for better rates with your car insurance agent. That’s because each state’s insurance commission sets the rates that insurance companies can charge. But the loophole is that most insurers have multiple discount programs customers might qualify for if they ask. If you do qualify, the savings can be considerable. 

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What Are Some of the Car Insurance Discounts I Should Be Aware of? 

You should be aware of every single qualifying discount for you or other licensed members of your family. That can include the following actions: 

Bundle your homeowners and car insurance. If you own your home, tell us which insurance company handles your homeowners insurance. Many of the leading companies that offer both car insurance and homeowners coverage are eager to grant discounts for customers who carry both lines. It’s definitely worth checking out. 

Take advantage of multiple vehicle discounts. This works very much like bundling car and home coverage. In this case, an auto insurer who’s already doing business with you will grant discounts to increase that level of business. For one example of how this could be a very valuable discount, think about your teenagers becoming licensed drivers. 

Install an anti-theft device. Car owners with such theft-discouraging technologies as GPS tracking devices and electronic vehicle recovery devices can pay less for their car insurance. Anything you can do to make it less likely that your car will be stolen reduces the risk of your insurance company having to pay out for that loss. Many pass some of that savings along to the customer in the form of discounted rates. 

Drive less, pay less. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. The less time your vehicle spends on the roads, the less the likelihood of the driver getting into an accident. Therefore, drivers who drive less on an annual basis pay less for their coverage. If you live in a small town, are retired, or work from home, you might qualify for this discount. 

Earn safe driver discounts. You or other family members might have learned the hard way how accumulating points on your driving record for speed, reckless driving, or other offenses results in higher car insurance premiums. The good news is that it works the same way in reverse. Safe drivers pay less. Let us see your driving record and we’ll tell you if you qualify for this discount or what you should do to work toward qualifying for this discount in the future. 

Attend defensive driver classes. The key to becoming a safer driver is education. That’s why some insurance companies offer defensive driver classes to help make their covered drivers safer, thereby lowering the odds of having to pay for future accidents. 

See if your young driver qualifies for good student discounts. As you might have already learned, young drivers typically pay the most for their car insurance. That’s because the age group is likelier than other demographics to drive recklessly, get moving violations, and cause expensive accidents. But insurance underwriters have determined that good students are typically safer and more responsible than others in their peer group. That’s why they’re eager to insure the best students at lower rates. Just let us see your kids’ high school or college grades. 

Is It Worth It to Pursue Car Insurance Discount Programs? 

It’s definitely worth your time. That’s because you could save as much as 35% on your car insurance by taking advantage of available programs. And it’s easy to see what discounts are available to you and what you must do to take advantage. 

It might be in your best interest to take this post with you as you negotiate rates with your insurance agent. Use it as a checklist. Ask your agent about each discount and see which might be realistic in your circumstances. 

Learn About What Discounts You Qualify for with Vern Fonk? 

That’s easy. Simply reach out and contact your Vern Fonk Insurance agent. Our independent agents don’t work for any single insurance company. We work with many top-brand insurers, so we are knowledgeable on the ever-changing product offerings of all of these companies and we’re among the first to hear about any new and relevant discounts they might offer. 

We’ll always start by listening to your unique needs, asking questions, and adapting our car insurance selection process to your budget. We’ll explain what discount programs we think you should pursue and put together insurance policies that deliver the most benefits at the lowest possible cost. 

That’s what we mean when we promise to deliver cheap car insurance quotes for Oregon drivers. So let’s work together. Call us at (800) 455-8276. You’re also encouraged to visit an agent at a nearby Vern Fonk Insurance location or to obtain a quick quote online