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DUI and the Law

Did you know that Washington state is #25 in the country for highest number of drunk driving deaths? Driving under the influence puts yourself and others in extreme danger, even at low speeds. If you get caught the ticket isn’t the only price you will have to pay for. DUIs can cost you big time in fines, attorney fees, lost wages and even alcohol education fees.

The minimum find for a driver caught for the first time DUI is $940.50. That is just the initial fine. Your car insurance rates may go up, or your license could even be suspended. Lawyer fees for disputing a DUI charge can be at least $2000 and that can drain your wallet pretty quickly.

What should you do if you get a DUI?

If you have gotten one or multiple DUIs, you insurance company may dramatically increase your rates or even drop your coverage all together. You should start shopping for a different car insurance company.

Vern Fonk specializes in “high risk” car insurance in Oregon and Washington. We are able to find our clients with DUI(s) on their record the best possible auto insurance rates. We believe everyone deserves a second chance and should be able to get back on the road quickly.

Here’s an info graphic that shows the average insurance costs for 5 years after a first-time DUI by city in Washington:

Infographic Source –

So if you’ve been caught with a DUI, check out the average costs above and give us a call to see how we can save you money.

High Risk Auto Insurance

If you’re considered a “high risk” driver, the task of finding affordable car insurance can seem extremely daunting.  If you have multiple tickets, DUI or DWI, or have a SR22 it can seem like you’re doomed to pay thousands of dollars for car insurance each year. Luckily there are now options for “high risk” drivers, and Vern Fonk is the Pacific Northwest’s leader in finding the best insurance rates and policies for high risk drivers.

Vern Fonk specializes in helping high risk clients find the best policy for their lifestyle and budget. We can help you sort out your SR22 problems and get you back on the road.

Our expert car insurance agents in Washington and Oregon know all of the insurance laws and all of the different policies available to our customers like the back of their hands.  We’ll make sure you get a great policy that you can afford.

If you’ve been labeled “high risk” fear not, we’re here to help you! We specialize in the “high risk” auto insurance market and have many options we’d love to show you. You’ll be surprised how much money we can save you. Call or stop on by one of our Vern Fonk Auto Insurance Agencies across Washington or Oregon today!

Superbowl Sunday

Seahawks fans all across the nation have been counting down the days to Super Bowl XLVIII since the NFC Championship game 2 weeks ago. This season has been a very exciting one for the Seahawks, records have been shattered, and watching every game has been extremely entertaining. The team seems like they’re out there having the time of their lives and the 12th man feels every bit a part of each game. This Blue Friday is full of anticipation and every true 12th man knows what they’ll be doing Sunday afternoon.

There’s only 2 more days until the big day and for many, that means a lot of preparation for big parties. Wether you’re having a big party at home or going to your favorite bar on the big day this Sunday, Super Bowl snack food is going to play a big part of the festivities. Supermarkets Friday-Sunday morning are going to be packed with people picking up chips and dip and party drinks. The parking lots of these grocery stores will be jammed and dangerous with cars and people with full shopping carts. Use extra caution when trying to make a trip to the stores and consider parking further out than you normally would to avoid accidents when backing up or run-away-carts smashing into your vehicle. Also when cooking up those delicious finger foods, be careful, it’s easy to get distracted by what’s going on during the game and forget about what’s in the oven. Make sure you’ve got a good homeowner’s insurance policy to cover you in case you start the kitchen on fire on the big day.

when-is-2014-super-bowl-xlviii-detailsDrinking a few “brewskies” during the Super Bowl is a given for the majority of football fans. Don’t let a DUI ruin the Super Bowl for you this year. Drinking and driving puts your life at risk as well as every other person on the road. If you know you’ll be drinking during the game, have your after game situation planned out before hand. Wether you have a designated driver, crashing on your friends sofa, or will be taking a cab home, plan it out beforehand and stick to it.

Vern Fonk Insurance has always been a huge supporter of all things Seahawks. Wether you’re in New York going to the game or staying at home watching by yourself, we’re all rooting for the green and blue. Go get ‘em HAWKS!

Bieber DUI and Drag Racing?

Celebrities (especially young ones) make mistakes just like the rest of us. Their mistakes are just way more public than ours would be.

beiber1-250x250It was only a matter of time until our beloved Justin Bieber got busted. Wether you were wishing for this to finally happen or are heart broken, Biebs was arrested on January 23rd, 2014 for a DUI and also for drag racing. Hopefully this arrest will slap some sense into the teenage heart throb and install some more faith in his “Beliebers”.

Justin was racing his yellow Lamborghini in Miami against a red Ferrari in a Miami residential area.  He was pulled over for going around 60 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. Biebs was apparently not cooperating with the police when they searched him. He failed the sobriety test, and was taken in for a DUI charge.

Needless to say, Justin’s car insurance rates will surely spike. He’s already had a few run ins with the law and also a few at fault accidents.  Fortunately for him he has options, if he chooses the right insurance company. Obviously his Lamborghini isn’t on the cheaper side of the scale when it comes to insurance, but even someone with a driving history like Bieber can get a good insurance policy if they go to Vern Fonk Insurance in Washington and Oregon.