Tips for Cheap Sustainable Living in Seattle, WA 

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July 07, 2023
Illustration of using a remote control to save energy in your apartment

You’re renting on a budget. The good news is that you can actually find a cheap, sustainable living situation in Seattle. When you do, you’ll put money back in your pocket while at the same time living the green lifestyle you seek. Here’s how to do it while making another smart decision: finding the cheapest renters insurance available in the Emerald City. 

Here are a few easy steps toward putting yourself into and maintaining an eco-friendly apartment and a green lifestyle. 

Choose Your Location Strategically 

Naturally, you want to find an affordable apartment in a crime-free neighborhood. Keep in mind that affordability can be achieved in terms of more than just the monthly rent. If you choose your location well, you’ll be within easy reach of your workplace, shopping, schools, or wherever you need to get to on a frequent or daily basis. 

An apartment close enough for you to walk or bike to most of your destinations will save you money on transportation charges while supporting your green lifestyle and maintaining your good health. 

Your next best option is to live close to Seattle public transportation. If you can catch a nearby bus or streetcar to where you need to be, that’s much more sustainable than traveling alone in a gas guzzler. 

Look for Energy-Efficient Appliances 

When moving into an apartment, you’re pretty much stuck with whatever kitchen and laundry appliances (if any) your landlord provides. But take a closer look. Maybe that’s a tiebreaker: an apartment with appliances that carry ENERGY STAR certification and one without. 

If you’re bringing your own appliances into the rented space, know that ENERGY STAR certification means that they’ll save you money with every use while supporting your sustainable goals. 

Install a Low-Flow Shower Head 

Sure, your first low-flow shower might feel more like a garden hose trickle than a personal power wash, but you’ll get used to it. And you’ll reduce the amount of water you use monthly by about 60%. 

If you pay separately for your water bill, that means saving money too. Once again, that’s our definition of cheap, sustainable living while making only minimal sacrifices in how you live in your eco-friendly apartment. 

Control Your Energy Costs 

Fortunately, Seattle generally gets mild summers, so central air conditioning isn’t usually necessary. Look for eco-friendly apartments with windows that open easily and have screens. Bonus points if you can get ceiling fans. Then only run the air conditioning when necessary. 

In the wintertime, dial down as much as possible and layer up in sweaters or sweatshirts. A smart thermostat will enable you to control temperature readings while you’re out or just before returning home. 

Use these cheap and easy tactics to save money while at the same time being kinder to the planet. 

Picture of woman from behind with a reusable grocery bag over her shoulder

Take Reusable Grocery Bags on Your Walk to the Nearby Supermarket 

Sure, you’ll forget your reusable bag at home most of the time, but when you don’t, you’ll do your small part to cut paper and help save trees. This product keeps you from using wasteful throwaway paper bags on every shopping trip. 

They’re also most likely made of easily recyclable materials that are not damaging to the planet. 

The Cheapest Insurance in Seattle — Another Savvy Apartment-Hunting Decision 

With your quest for cheap, sustainable living, don’t forget to save money with the most affordable renters insurance in the Emerald City. 

You’re fortunate to live in a city where renters insurance is below the rates in most other U.S. cities. But if you do business with an independent insurance agent, you can get the lowest premiums in Seattle. Rather than working for just one company, an independent agent represents the insurance lines of multiple major carriers. That means they can go shopping for you and find the most affordable coverage available. 

For only a few dollars a month, renters insurance will protect your personal belongings in the event of a fire, windstorm, broken water pipes, theft, vandalism, or other events. The policy will also cover you against liability claims if guests are injured on your property and cover medical bills. 

In addition to these and other benefits of renters insurance, some property owners won’t even let you move in without coverage, so there’s another incentive.  

Call Us for Affordable Renters Insurance on Your New Eco-Friendly Apartment 

Sustainability is a smart decision. So is cheap renters insurance. 

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