Mobile Home Insurance Basics

Motorhome Insurance
March 27, 2015

Do you own a mobile home or RV? Finding the right insurance plan can be difficult. Vern Fonk in Washington and Oregon is proud to help residents find affordable options for RV insurance and mobile home insurance.

Vern Fonk has partnered with companies that can help provide Washington mobile home insurance and Washington RV insurance. We are connected with over 20 different insurance companies to help you find the best available rates.

Protect your assets and get a mobile home insurance policy that can help cover you if something were to happen. Fire, theft and windstorms can be extremely dangerous and expensive, a good insurance policy can help you stay covered and save you thousands of dollars in an emergency situation.

Mobile home insurance can protect you in 4 ways:

  1. Helps you repair/replace or get cash value for your mobile home (depending on age)
  2. Helps you replace your personal property (inside) if it is destroyed, stolen or damaged
  3. Helps cover the cost of lawyer fees and medical bills if someone were to get injured while on/in your property
  4. Helps cover the cost of additional living expenses if you had to leave your home for claimable reasons