Motorcycle SR22 Coverage

High-Risk Auto Insurance
August 08, 2013

When most people think about SR22 they think car or truck, but what about the people that own motorcycles? With the high cost of gas, many drivers are switching over to motorcycle or scooters to save money any way they can. So you may ask yourself, can you get an SR22 certificate on a motorcycle?

The answer is yes! Many companies (including Vern Fonk insurance) will help you get sr22 coverage on a motorcycle. People can get a non-owner SR22 policy so of course they can get one for a motorcycle. Motorcycle sr 22 insurance is typically cheaper than coverage on a car, but that depends on the style of motorcycle that you have. Fast street bikes are usually more expensive to insure as well as the big cruiser expensive motorcycles.

So if you are a motorcycle rider and you’re required to get sr22 insurance, talk to you insurance agent to see if they can help you. Vern Fonk insurance specializes in SR-22 insurance for everyone. We can get you coverage fast and get you back on the road. Call us today for a free motorcycle insurance quote!