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Outerspace Coverage

Alien 3We’ve all watched movies and TV shows where aliens invade and try to take over. They usually end up in a huge battle where explosions and chaos are everywhere. The aftermath is typically a good outcome for earth, but they’re left with a huge mess to clean up. Destroyed buildings and cars everywhere.

Most of us don’t fear alien invasions on a daily basis. The idea does some very far fetched and impossible. There is, however, a more realistic threat from outer space than many don’t realize, and it happens more often than you think it would. Meteors have fallen out of the sky and caused damage to homes, buildings and cars. Every year it is estimated that 78 thousand tons fall into earths atmosphere.

meteor_1414384cAs we saw with a small town in Russia, a large meteor struck the earth and caused property damage totaling over $44 million. So you may ask yourself, would my home and car be covered if this were to happen in my neighborhood?

Most Americans with good home owner’s insurance policies can relax. Most homeowner’s policies cover “falling objects”, which would include meteorites. The amount of coverage depends on the limits you have agreed to in your policy.

What about my car? Well, that all depends on your comprehensive insurance amounts in your car insurance policy. Most comprehensive policies cover damage caused by meteors or other falling objects, but of course you’ll have to pay your deductible.

So are you prepared for outer space attacks on earth? Talk to an experienced car insurance and homeowner’s insurance agent at Vern Fonk today to make sure your home and car are covered for all of the unexpected.