Motorcycle Insurance

Collision Coverage
August 08, 2014

Zipping along on the open road is a feeling that is hard to match. Most motorcycle riders know the joy that can come from riding on a nice day, but there’s always that uneasy feeling that something could go wrong. Having a good motorcycle insurance policy can help you feel at ease on the road.

Vern Fonk offers many different options for motorcycle insurance. Our policies can help protect the rider AND the bike from the unknown. Clients can customize their motorcycle insurance policy to fit their protection needs.

Liability insurance on your motorcycle isn’t required, but it is a good idea to consider getting it, especially if you have other assets or a home. Check out our motorcycle page on our website to see the required state minimum requirements.

We can get you a fast free quote on motorcycle insurance in Washington or Oregon. If you need coverage for your motorcycle, scooter, moped, trike or motocross bike check us out.