More Insurance FAQs

Car Insurance
October 10, 2014

We recently wrote about Insurance Frequently Asked Questions and have come up with some more:

Does my credit score effect my insurance rate?
Not at Vern Fonk! We work with at least 9 different insurance companies that don’t discriminate based off of your credit score. If your score isn’t perfect, let us show you how you can get a great rate on your insurance.

What type of coverage covers damages done to my vehicle?
This depends on how the damage was caused. It can be either covered by comprehensive coverage or collision insurance.

If your car was in an accident with another vehicle or physical property it would be covered by collision insurance.

If the damaged was caused by a fallen tree, animal, fire, or if it was stolen or vandalized, a comprehensive policy would cover these damages.

Am I out of luck if I have too many tickets or accidents on my record?
Absolutely not! Vern Fonk works with over 20 different insurance companies that work with “high risk” clients. If you were turned away or quoted astronomical rates with the larger insurance companies, give us a call and we’ll get you an insurance policy you can afford.