Why You Aren’t Cruisin’ Electric in the Evergreen State (Yet!)

Car Insurance
November 14, 2023
Man blowing on electric car charger like it's a pistol - car insurance in Washington

Hey there, fellow rain-lovers and Sasquatch searchers of Washington! Ever been slurping down your triple-shot, no-foam, almond milk latte and pondered, “Why isn’t my ride as electric as my caffeine buzz?” You’ve got evergreens, tech giants, and the freshest air—but electric cars? Not as many. 

Let’s dive into the whys, the whats, and the whens of electric vehicles in this quirky, green corner of the country and why auto insurance plays a key role in any EV adventure. 

1. Dollar Bills & Coffee Spills—EV Price Tag Blues 

Alright, Washingtonians might splurge on artisanal cheese and fancy rain boots, but cars? That’s a chunk of change! 

EVs, especially the ones that promise to run longer than the summer, tend to be pricier upfront. Sure, you’ll be saving on gas. But EV adoption will likely become more mainstream when prices come down. Developments in overseas auto manufacturers might make that a reality soon enough. 

2. Hunting for Chargers like They’re Hidden Coffee Shops 

You can find that hole-in-the-wall vegan bakery everyone’s raving about, but an EV charger? That’s a different quest. 

While we’re never far from our next caffeine hit, spotting an EV charger can feel like seeking Bigfoot in the wild. Do you feel the range anxiety? ’Cause many drivers do. This is just one of many market challenges facing EV early adopters in this state. 

3. Refueling vs. Recharging—A Time Tango 

Gas station pit stop? Quick as our ever-changing weather! But plugging in your EV? Ah, that’s like waiting for the rain to stop in November. 

While some EVs charge faster, others test your patience (and how many episodes of that new series you can binge). Technology obstacles like this one will eventually be solved, but not until manufacturers begin to roll out rapid charging infrastructure to compete with regular gas stations

Woman smiling with car's electric cord slung over her shoulder - car insurance in Washington

4. Old Trusties and Coffee-Stained Car Seats 

Look, you’ve got that old hoodie, that perfectly worn-in flannel, and the car that’s seen more music festivals than the average teen. Transitioning to new, shiny EVs? Well, that’s a whole emotional roller coaster. Electric vehicle ownership involves a heavy investment, one that many Washingtonians may be reticent to make right away. 

Hold on to Your Umbrellas… The Tides are Turning! 

Clouds are parting and here’s the silver lining: 

  • Price Drop, Raindrop: Just as certain that it’ll rain tomorrow, EV prices are going down, making them more accessible to every Tom, Dick, and Hipster Harry. 
  • More Chargers Than Underground Bands: Washington cities are on it! Charging stations are sprouting faster than mushrooms in our backyards. EV infrastructure has become a top priority of the state government, especially as the economy transitions away from fossil fuels
  • Charge It Up, Buttercup: With techie magic, EVs are now charging quicker, giving you just enough time for a quick kombucha grab. 

Spillin’ the Beans on Car Insurance 

As EVs grow in popularity, insurers are hopping on the bandwagon. Some are handing out discounts like free show tickets, acknowledging the eco-coolness of EVs. But heads-up! Some parts of these high-tech rides can be pricier, potentially affecting your premiums—it’s always worth peeking around to see who’s offering the sweetest deal. 

Wrapping Up with a Bow (or Reusable Bag) 

While there may not be an EV in every driveway just yet, they’re rolling in. With dropping costs, rising charger spots, and the evolving world of car insurance, soon your ride might be as electric as our state’s vibe. So, here’s to the electric future of our beautiful, quirky state—where the coffee’s strong, the music’s loud, and the cars are going electric. 

Get the Right Auto Insurance for Your EV in Washington State 

Whether you own an EV already or are planning to invest in one, a solid auto insurance plan can help you protect your investment and give you peace of mind if you’re ever in an accident. To get started, give Vern Fonk Insurance a call at (800) 455-8276, request a quote online, or visit your local Washington office to chat with an agent in person today!