Midlife Crisis Cars

June 06, 2014

Are you or someone you know feeling a little uneasy about your age? Many people would call the quest to find something that makes you feel young again a midlife crisis. There are many things people do to feel young (dye their hair, buy new clothes, etc) but the most popular, and perhaps most public way to do it is to buy a fancy fast new car or motorcycle.

Here are some of the best cars and motorcycles you could get if you’re going through a midlife crisis:

Chevy Corvette Stingray Convertible
The Corvette is the mother of all “mid life crisis cars”. The curves and lines on the body of the car is provocative and the car packs a punch of power. The convertible option allows you to check out the scenery and allow the wind to blow through whatever hair you may have left on your head.

The BMW M5 is fast! 560 horsepower gets you moving with little effort. This car still keeps it looking professional and still holds passengers as a 4 door sedan. The interior is roomy and the trunk is fairly large.

Factory Five 1933 Hot Rod
If you’ve got extra time on your hands this is the car for you. Get in your garage and build this beauty with your own hands. Not only will this ride help you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you get it to work, you’ll look super cool rolling down the street in this classic beauty.

Ferrari California T
If money isn’t an issue, the Ferrari is the ultimate dream car for any middle aged human. The starting price of $200k can set you back a bit, but nothing says you’ve arrived like a Ferrari.

There are so many other cool (and fast) cars out there to help you fill the void in your life!  If you’ve found the car of your dreams, get it! Then call us, we’ll help you find the cheapest auto insurance to help you afford that sweet ride!