Why You Still Have to Pay in Washington State Even When You’re Not the Driver at Fault 

Car Insurance
November 20, 2023
Man freaking out in parking lot because someone sideswiped his car and left the scene - uninsured motorist coverage in Washington

Ah, Washington. Land of the evergreens, where your coffee comes strong, and your drives amidst nature are ever-so tranquil. But hang tight, fellow Washingtonians, because even in this serene Pacific Northwest paradise, the road can bring the unexpected—be it a mishap, an elusive deer dashing across the highway, or a mystery driver pulling a Houdini on ya! 

Let’s chit-chat about auto insurance in the good ol’ evergreen state, where sometimes, you might find yourself coughing up some greens even when you’re not the rascal behind the wheel causing a ruckus. 

At-Fault Rules, Not At-Fault, What’s The Dealio? 

Here in Washington, we ride by an “at-fault” insurance system. Simply put, if you accidentally play bumper cars in the Puyallup Fair parking lot, you (or rather, your insurance) are tossing over the cash for the damages. No free rides here! 

But what if you’re cruising along the Columbia River, minding your business, and bam—someone turns your pleasant drive into a not-so-pleasant day, and it ain’t your fault? Surely, you won’t be shelling out a single dime, right? 

Well, buckle up because the road to compensation might be a tad bumpier than the Naches Peak Loop in early spring! 

The Uninsured, Underinsured, and the Unseen 

Picture this: you’re stuck with a bashed bumper, thanks to a driver who scurried away faster than a raccoon after tipping your garbage. Or perhaps the friendly fellow who collided with you shares the news that he’s either uninsured or his policy is leaner than a vegetarian’s dinner plate. 

In such cases, your dreams of the other party covering the costs might speed away, just like that mischievous raccoon. 

When the person at fault has their insurance playing hide and seek, or they dash without a trace, your wallet might be the one saying sayonara to those crispy dollars, unless… 

Young man behind the wheel freaking out because someone hit him and drove away - uninsured motorist coverage in Washington

Full Insurance Coverage: Your Rainy-Day Umbrella 

Here enters the unsung hero of your on-road adventures: full coverage insurance. It’s like having a cozy financial security blanket that’s got your back, rain or shine (and let’s be honest, it’s usually rain). 

Full coverage, though a bit pricier than its bare-bones liability counterpart, can be a literal lifesaver or, well, car-saver. When the other driver’s policy is more “skinny latte” than “venti mocha,” or a hit-and-run situation leaves you with more questions than answers, full coverage steps up like a trusty friend. Full coverage plus uninsured motorist coverage ensures your pockets don’t feel the pinch too hard when it comes to accident expenses. 

But that’s not all, compadres! Full coverage also covers you against collisions, say, if a Washington whitetail deer makes an unscheduled appearance chasing pretty does in front of your cruising vehicle during the mating season. 

Paving the Path Ahead 

So, what’s the moral of this little road trip down Insurance Lane? It’s always prudent to be prepared for unexpected bends, bumps, and wildlife along the way. 

Having full coverage insurance in Washington doesn’t just adhere to the at-fault system—it gives you the peace of mind that even when things go south, your financial stability won’t be sent packing. 

In the end, as you traverse through the scenic, sometimes unpredictable, routes of this beautiful state, keep in mind that being prepared isn’t just for Boy Scouts; it’s for smart, savvy Washington drivers who know that a smooth journey is all about planning for both the expected and unexpected. 

So, keep cruising confidently through this lush, green haven, knowing you’re covered in all seasons, scenarios, and surprises the road might unveil. 

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