Adding Your Significant Other to Your Car Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide to Additional Driver Inquiries 

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March 18, 2024
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Can you add your girlfriend or boyfriend to your car insurance policy in Washington state? Yes, and sometimes the cost is negligible. But should you? It’s often a no-brainer. But at other times, you might want to think about it. 

What’s the Bottom Line? Can I Add My Girlfriend to My Car Insurance? 

Absolutely. And it’s often the smart thing for Washington drivers to do. Otherwise, you might find yourself in the nightmare scenario of having a seriously damaged or even totaled vehicle and finding your insurance claim won’t go through because the driver wasn’t you. 

A situation like that might bruise the relationship almost as much as the car. 

You can almost always easily and painlessly add a driver to your insurance if you live together. Or even if you live apart but your partner uses your car regularly. 

If you don’t share an address, ask your auto insurance agent to steer you (pun intended) to an insurer who’ll offer you a policy that includes your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

How Does Adding a Significant Other Affect Your Premium? 

Will adding someone increase or decrease the cost of coverage? Or will it make much of a difference in your premium? Okay, we’d better unpack this. 

If you added a young family member who just got their license, your cost would increase. It will also go up if your boyfriend or girlfriend’s driving record has tickets or accidents. That’s because your insurer calculates that the risk of the insured vehicle has just gone up. 

The upside is that this works pretty much the same way in reverse. That is, if your girlfriend or boyfriend has a clean driving record — maybe even better than your own — your premium might go down. 

You should discuss an even more uncomfortable topic: your credit history. Yes, it might be even more uncomfortable than laying your political differences on the table. But it’s important because insurers in Washington state can use your credit scores to establish rates on your coverage. 

The good news? Just as with your driving history, one partner with a significantly better credit report might offset the poor numbers for the other partner. 

After that fun discussion, get your insurance agent involved in the conversation. They can help you read and understand your policy to see if you can easily add your significant other. 

If the situation is a little more complex, your independent agent can help you find new coverage. Independent agents sell the policies of multiple insurers, so they’ll be able to find auto insurance for you and your additional driver at the best possible rate. 

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Exploring Other Coverage Options 

Another way of ensuring your financial protection when a significant other is driving your vehicle is with a coverage option called non-owner car insurance. With this option, your boyfriend or girlfriend could get liability coverage even without owning a vehicle. All they need is to have a valid Washington driver’s license. 

Liability is a limited form of coverage. It only covers the injuries and damages of others if you’re involved in a collision that’s your fault. But it won’t cover your damages or injuries. 

The upside is that non-owner insurance is the most affordable form of coverage, so it’s worth considering. It might be the right decision, particularly if your car-less partner only occasionally takes yours. 

Not all two-driver dilemmas revolve around the challenges of sharing a single car. If your relationship is hindered by the high cost of insuring two or more vehicles in the household, ask your insurance agent about the cost-benefit of bundling the coverage of multiple cars. Bundling involves putting all your household vehicles on a single policy. Just like buying almost anything in volume, the per-vehicle cost can be much lower. 

Should You Let Your Significant Other Drive Your Car? 

Just because you can get second-driver coverage in Washington state doesn’t always make it practical or advisable. After all, a boyfriend or girlfriend with a spotty driving record can raise your cost for coverage. 

If they’re a bit of a reckless driver, you could end up with higher rates eventually, even if you get a good deal on your coverage at first. This could happen if your significant other gets multiple speeding tickets or is at fault for an expensive car accident in your ride. 

A good driver, on the other hand, can help you control the cost of coverage, as mentioned. 

Understanding Additional Drivers and Insurance Implications 

Whether your question is “Can I add my boyfriend to my car insurance?” or some other driver, the answer is usually yes. Getting car insurance for unmarried couples isn’t a big deal, especially if you live together. In most cases, it won’t be a big pocketbook issue either. 

Even if the two of you don’t live together, you can find Washington auto insurers who can add drivers to your insurance policy without a lot of hassles. The key is to find an independent auto insurance agent who deals with multiple insurers and can find you an affordable policy that meets all your needs. 

Maybe you aren’t ready to add your partner to your policy, but you’ve got teenagers in the house. And they’re now behind the wheel of the family car, too. Your insurance agent can help you find the most affordable coverage options for large families. Explain what you’re up against and ask your agent to crunch the numbers in your favor. 

Get an Affordable Car Coverage Policy and Insure Your Additional Driver 

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