What is Collision Insurance?

Car Accidents
February 22, 2013

crashMany people have trouble really understanding what the terms in their auto insurance policy actually mean.  Collision coverage is one that many insurance agents explain to their clients, because it is one of the main components of a good policy.

Collision coverage is what pays for damage to an insured vehicle when it hits or is hit by another car or object, and also if the car overturns. Many times collision insurance is optional, but most lien holders (banks that hold your car’s loan) require you to carry some collision coverage.

Collision insurance covers damages to your car, not the other car or object involved.  It will cover your damages if you were the cause of the accident, or if the other person involved didn’t have enough coverage.

Collision coverage is always a great option, even if you are a very cautious driver.  It can help pay for damages if you hit a tree or telephone pole, or can help cover costs if you get into an accident where no one wants to admit fault, which can lead to lengthy battles in subrogation.

The amount of collision coverage you would need varies from car to car and from driver to driver.  It is always best to talk with a expert car insurance agent to figure out how much coverage you would need and how much your premium will cost you.  Vern Fonk insurance agents can help you determine how much coverage you will need, and what your deductible and premiums will cost you.  Call us today!