Teen Car Insurance

Car Accidents
November 1, 2013

Car insurance rates for teenagers can be a startling misfortune for their parents. There are, however, ways you can help reduce the car insurance premium for your teenager. Car insurance premiums for teenagers are typically at least double the amount that a typical adult would pay. Younger, less experienced drivers are more likely to be at fault for an accident, and car insurance companies know they are taking on a bigger risk by insuring these drivers.

If you want to make sure you are getting the best car insurance rate for your teenager, you should shop around different companies and also keep in mind these tips:

Send in a report card. Many insurance companies will offer “good student discounts” for drivers currently enrolled in High School or College. Keep those report cards (if they’ve got good grades 🙂 ) and send them in to your insurance agent to be sure you get the best car insurance rates.

Drive Safely. It’s important for every parent to sit down and talk to their teen about safe driving. Texting and driving has become such a problem and is the culprit for countless accidents and even deaths. If your teenager keeps a clean driving record (no tickets or accidents – whether at fault or not) your premium should stay down at the lower level of the rate tier.

Drive a Modest Car. Every teenager wants the coolest car at school. If you want to save money on car insurance, it isn’t wise to buy a brand new vehicle for a teenager. An older car (one that is cheap to fix if damaged) will typically be cheaper than newer cars with more features to fix.

Follow these tips when looking for insurance for your family and hopefully you can save some money to use for your teenagers college! Call a Vern Fonk Insurance agent today to find out how you can save 40% or more on car insurance.