Road Trippin

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May 05, 2013

If you’re like most Americans, money is a little tight for you right now, and with summer just around the corner, your options for vacations can seem quite slim. That’s where the old American classic road trip comes in. A fairly cheap and fun solution to escaping from your daily routine.

We’ve broken down some of the most beautiful and exciting roads to drive in the United States:

The Cascade Loop – Washington (Cascade mountains)

Starting only 28 miles outside (north) of the city of Seattle, this scenic drive has got everything a seasoned road tripper or motorcyclist could want. It goes through the Cascade mountains, along the large Columbia River, over to Eastern Washington and Lake Chelan, through Methow Valley, and circles back to Seattle through the Puget Sound. This loop takes you through classic towns and by some of the greatest land marks the state has to offer.

Highway 1 – California (Big Sur)

California’s SR1 (State Route 1) is a breathtakingly beautiful highway that follows the Pacific coastline of the state. This route twists and turns following some of the most beautiful coastlines the United States has to offer. You’ll see amazing cliffs over looking the Pacific ocean as well as some amazing beaches and wildlife. There are many parks and towns along this drive where you can stop for a picnic, camp or find a hotel.

White Rim Road – Utah (Canyonlands National Park)

This amazing 100 mile road is an excellent trip for people who own SUVs or who love to mountain bike. This 2-3 day trip has gorgeous views of the beautiful deserted red rock and mesa top. There are steep sections where 4x4s are required and the switchbacks provide an exhilarating experience for off roaders.

Seven Mile Bridge – Florida (Florida Keys)

This famous 7 mile bridge in Monroe County connects Knight’s Key to the Lower Keys, along with other beautiful islands in southern Florida. When it was built, it was one of the world’s longest bridges ever built. With breath taking views of the ocean and white sand beaches, it almost makes you feel as you are out to sea while driving on it.

Denali Highway – Alaska

This hidden gem is one of the most scenic routes in all of the United States, yet it is one of the most lightly traveled. It is a 135 mile gravel highway way up in Alaska that was the first road that gave access to Denali National Park (hence the name). The views of huge snow capped mountains along with beautiful rolling, un touched meadows and forests are a must-see.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your kids, pack a lunch and get driving. As always, drive safely and make sure you have a great auto insurance policy to cover you, your loved ones, and your car or motorcycle in case of an accident or extreme weather. Drive the speed limit and remember to buckle up, and always have proof of car insurance in your vehicle at all times.