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Homeowner’s Insurance in Vancouver, WA
Vancouver Homeowner’s Insurance Experts

Buying homeowner’s Insurance in Vancouver Washington is one of the smartest investment decisions a home owner can make. A good homeowner insurance policy can save you thousands of dollars if something were to happen and can give you peace of mine in the meantime.

Our expert home owner’s insurance agents are very experienced and ready to help the residents of the Vancouver, WA area find the right auto insurance policy for their homes and their families. You can fill our a homeowner’s insurance quote online or call us today!

Vancouver, WA Homeowner’s Insurance

There are many different types of home owner’s insurance we offer:

  • Single Family Home
  • Non-owner Occupied Home
  • Condominium
  • Townhome
  • Farm/Ranch
  • Mobile Home / RV
  • Vacant Property
  • Renter’s Insurance

What is Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowners Insurance (sometimes called hazard insurance or home insurance) is a policy that covers the cost of repairs or rebuilding of your home if it was damaged due to certain disasters. It also covers the cost of replacement or repairs of items inside your home if they are stolen or damaged. Hazard insurance can also cover the cost of lawyer fees and medical expenses if someone were to get injured on your property (liablility insurance).

Here are some of the situations covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies:

  • Loss or damage due to a fire
  • Loss or damage due to a hurricane, lighting, or windstorm / tree falling
  • Loss or damage to your personal belongings
  • Personal Liability for damage or injuries caused on your property by you or your family

We know not every insurance policy is built the same, just as every house is not built the same. We understand that depending on where you live, your income, personal preference, and the size of your home and other factors can change what you need covered in your home owner’s policy. Call Vern Fonk today in Vancouver today or fill out a Homeowner’s Insurance Quote online if you have questions about homeowner’s policies. Our expert insurance agents are ready to help you get the right home insurance policy.

Why Everyone Should have Homeowner’s Insurance in Vancouver WA

Most of us are required to have some form of home owner’s insurance, by our mortgage companies. Usually the coverage required is pretty basic. We urge everyone in the area, even if their home is paid off in full, to get a good homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the just-in-case scenarios.

The weather in Vancouver Washington can change in an instant. A storm can come up out of anywhere. It is important to keep your home, the valuables inside and your loved ones safe from any harm. Damage to the structure, items in the home, and medical bills can really add up when you’re not expecting it.

Crime rates across the country have risen. Everywhere. Most people think that the items inside their homes aren’t very valuable and they could be replaced quite easily. It is when it’s too late that they forgot that the cost of new refrigerator, television, stereo, and furniture can really add up. Thieves aren’t just going after the money that used to be stashed under your bed or jewelry… the market has changed and large appliances and electronics are the main focus now. Keep your large ticket items covered and get a hazard insurance plan to cover the cost of replacement or repairs.

Most people do not think they’ll ever be caught up in the court room until it is too late. It can be very surprising to see who is willing to sue you over damages. If someone were to slip and fall on your property and hurt themselves, they can sue you. Legal lawyer fees and medical bills add up quickly and many people try to sue for much more than what many people think is fair. Keep yourself covered and get a good insurance plan with enough liability coverage to put your mind at ease when you have company over.

As you can see, there are many reasons to get homeowner’s insurance in Vancouver Washington. We know we’ll take care of you at Vern Fonk and get you a policy that meets all of your home and family needs.

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