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Spring Break Cars

Spring Break isn’t just for college kids anymore.  More and more working people are enjoying time off during spring, and we think they deserve it.

So if you’re thinking about heading somewhere consider these vehicles, our top Vacation Vehicles of 2013:

  1. jeepJeep Wrangler - Nothing says summer like cruising the streets with the top off in a Jeep Wrangler.  Many summer movies and movie stars sport this sporty off road vehicle.  Whether your rolling down the busy boulevard or camping on a sandy beach, the Jeep Wrangler screams laid back and ready to party.
  2. suburban Suburban -Some families can’t afford to go to the beach or somewhere far away. That is why this Chevy staple is on our list.  Road trips are often a spring break tradition for many families, and a Suburban is the ultimate road trip car.  Spacious enough for most families, and everyone gets enough room to comfortably ride wherever the road takes you.
  3. Businessman on MopedVespa -There’s something about riding a Vespa (or any scooter, moped, or motorcycle for that matter) that takes you to another world.  It makes you see the world in a whole new light, even if it’s your hometown. The wind rushing through your hair and the feeling of being outdoors is like no other.
  4. Female Friends in CarConvertible -Nothing says “carefree” like a convertible. Whether it’s a Mustang, BMW, or even a MINI Cooper, riding with the top down is a great way to get to your spring break vacation.

Everybody needs a break every once in a while, even if it’s not during the typical “Spring Break” time period.  So cash in that paid time off and hit the road, drive safely, and as always, “Remember to Honk When You Drive By Vern Fonk!”.