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Mobile Home Insurance

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We know that it can be difficult to find an insurance policy designed specifically for mobile homes and RVs. That is why we are proud to partner with companies that can help provide Washington mobile home insurance, Washington RV insurance, Oregon mobile home insurance and Washington RV insurance. That’s where a company like Vern Fonk is invaluable – we are connected with more than 20 insurance companies, so we can provide you with affordable mobile home and RV rates and exceptional customer service.
Having the right insurance helps you protect two extremely valuable assets – your home or RV. Fire. Theft. Windstorms. These are risks you face every day as a mobile home or RV owner. You are also at risk in case someone gets hurt while at your home, or you accidentally damage someone else’s property.

Mobile home insurance and RV insurance from Vern Fonk offers peace of mind in knowing that your finances won’t suffer if unexpected events like these happen.
Do you have a mortgage on your mobile home or RV? The financial institution that holds your mortgage may require you to have mobile home or RV insurance.

Types of Washington Mobile Home Insurance and Oregon Mobile Home Insurance

Similar to conventional home insurance, mobile home insurance protects you in four basic ways:

  • Enables you to repair/replace or get actual cash value for your mobile home usually depending on age.
  • Allows you to replace your personal belongings if they are destroyed, stolen or damaged.
  • Covers injuries that happen to other people or their property while in your home.
  • Covers your additional living expenses if you’re forced to leave your home because of a claim.
Washington RV Insurance and Oregon RV Insurance

Many of our Washington RV insurance clients and Oregon RV insurance clients think their RV is insured under their current auto policy. But too often the owner does not take the time to read what and how much is covered under their auto insurance policy. In many instances, RV’s covered under auto policies are not adequately covered.

One misconception RV owners have is that the personal property in their RV will be covered under their homeowner’s insurance policy. This is true, but, coverage on personal property is limited when the property is kept somewhere other than the “residence premises.” Often the limit in a standard policy is very low and the usual policy deduction would apply.

To insure proper and adequate coverage, a RV owner should add a separate RV coverage to their current auto policy or secure a policy specifically for RV’s from Vern Fonk.

Mobile Home and RV Insurance Discounts from Vern Fonk

Depending on the type of Mobile home insurance and RV insurance you select, Vern Fonk can offer the following insurance discounts:

  • Homeowner’s Discounts
  • Multi-Line (Home + Auto) Discounts
  • Multi-car Discounts
  • Current Insurance Discounts
  • Married Couples Discounts
  • Military Discounts
  • Microsoft & Boeing Employee Discounts
Contact Vern Fonk for Washington Mobile Home and RV Insurance and Oregon
Mobile Home and RV Insurance

Mobile home and RV insurance is a comprehensive insurance plan that helps cover you from a broad range of risks. It
provides coverage for your home, your possessions, and even personal liabilities. Individuals can opt to extend their mobile
home insurance plans with add-ons rom Vern Fonk too.

Other popular extensions to mobile home insurance packages at additional costs include collision insurance and extended
coverage on certain possessions typically not included in the coverage. Collision insurance covers your mobile home when
it is being moved to another location.

Whether you need mobile home or RV insurance, homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance or business insurance in Washington or Oregon, call Vern Fonk at 800-654-SR22 NOW or get an online quote. Because
motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic, we’ll want to make sure you and your bike are protected.

In Washington and Oregon, Vern Fonk has insurance offices in Aberdeen, Bellevue, Bellingham, Federal Way, Kent,
Kirkland, Lacey/Olympia, Lynwood, Mt. Vernon/Burlington, Oak Harbor, Port Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Silverdale, Spokane,
Tacoma, Vancouver, Wenatchee, and Yakima