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SR22 Insurance Everett
SR22 Insurance Everett, WA

Vern Fonk specializes in SR22 insurance in the Everett, WA area and beyond! We have been helping hundreds of people in the area find affordable sr22 coverage. Even if you have a long and detailed driving record with multiple tickets, DUIs, DWIs, reckless driving, or any other major violation, we’ll get you covered!

If you are looking to find SR22 insurance in Everett, we understand that finding a good, reliable agency to help you can be frustrating. Our agents are ready to make the process as simple as possible for you, and we’re determined to get you back on the road as quickly as we can.

SR-22 Insurance

SR22 is a certificate that Washington and Oregon requires a driver to obtain to prove to the Department of Motor Vehicles that they have the minimum amount of auto insurance coverages required by law in their policy.

The SR-22 certificate is usually required to remain in the vehicle for at least 3 years from the date of issue to prove to any officer pulling you over that you do have enough insurance coverage to be legally driving. The issuing insurance agency is required to notify the DMV if there are any lapses in payment or changes to the policy.

The list of reasons why you could be required to get SR22 insurance in Everett is endless, but here are the most common reasons:

  • Caught driving without insurance
  • At fault accident without proper insurance coverage
  • Caught driving without a license or suspended license
  • DUI (s) or DWI (s) on record
  • Multiple tickets, or too many tickets in a small period of time
  • Reckless driving or other major moving violation

Call our Everett, WA SR22 Insurance Agency today for a free sr-22 certificate quote.

Everett, WA SR-22 Rules

Every car on the streets of Everett Washington are required to hold the state minimum requirements of liability coverage on their auto insurance policy. If you have had your license taken away by the state you will probably be required to get an sr-22 certificate before your driving privileges will be reinstated. You’ll need to get in touch with a certified SR22 Insurance Agency to get help and proper coverage.

After you have received the SR22 certificate, your auto insurance company will then file it with the DMV. You are required to keep a copy of the SR22 in your vehicle so you’ll be able to prove to any police officer that pulls you over that you have proper coverage.

SR22 Certificate Insurance Agency in Everett, WA

Our expert SR-22 Insurance staff has seen it all. We are confident we can get you the cheapest SR22 insurance coverage and get you back on the road quickly. Call us today for a free SR22 certificate and coverage quote!

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