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Insurance Agency in Shelton, WA

Getting Car insurance in Shelton, WA couldn’t be easier with Vern Fonk Insurance Agency! We enjoy servicing the greater Shelton area. Our office offers car insurance, business insurance, home insurance, and SR22 insurance, and more!

Vern Fonk Insurance Shelton

We love the area, and the people! Stop on by and get to know our experienced Insurance Agents in Shelton today!

Insurance Agency in Puyallup, WA

We love the greater Puyallup community! Our Puyallup insurance agency has been helping the people in the area find the best insurance policies to meet their needs for years. We love getting to know the area and the people, and feel at home in Puyallup.

We love finding the best rates on auto, home and business insurance for people in Puyallup.

Our office on S Meridian offers these types of insurances and more:

  • Car Insurance
  • SR-22 Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Contractors Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • And Much More!

Call us today for a fast, free quote on any insurance product!

Vern Fonk Insurance Puyallup

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own a small business, chances are that part of running that business smoothly requires the use of a vehicle. If you use a vehicle to transport products or people, your business will need Commercial Auto Insurance.

Vern Fonk can get your business an affordable insurance policy that covers your vehicle (SUV, Car, Van, etc) or truck. Commercial auto insurance works similarly to regular car insurance, and each policy can differ one to the next.

Check out our Commercial Auto Insurance page for more info on how to keep your business insured.

Newest Vern Fonk Location!

Vern Fonk Insurance Bellvue

Check out our newest location in Bellevue! Our auto insurance agency in Bellevue is open and ready to help the people of Bellevue find insurance products to fit their needs and budget. Whether you need SR22 insurance or a new homeowner’s insurance policy, our expert insurance agents can get you a cheap rate quote fast and free!

Our Bellevue, WA Insurance Agency offers:

Car Insurance
SR22 Insurance
High Risk Insurance
Homeowner’s Insurance
Business Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance
Commercial Auto Insurance
Trucking Insurance
Contractors Insurance
Surety And Contract Bonds
RV Insurance
Renters Insurance
Come check out today! We’re in Eastgate right off of I-90 in the same parking lot as Albertson’s and Outback Steakhouse!

Port Angeles Auto Insurance

If you’re looking for car insurance in Port Angeles, WA, look no further! Vern Fonk has been helping the residents of Port Angeles find the best rates on car insurance in Port Angeles for many years. Our knowledge of the local area helps set us apart from the competition and connects us with our customers.

We can help you find an auto insurance policy that works for your needs and your budget. Our current customers rave about our service and our rates. We can get just about everyone a policy they can afford, no matter what their driving history looks like.

Stop on by our Vern Fonk Port Angeles insurance agency soon for a fast, free insurance quote. Look for our location next to Subway -

Vern Fonk Insurance Port Angeles

Protect Your Home and Vehicle From Theft

During the Holidays the national theft rate rises. Unfortunately, people are more likely to have their homes broken into and their cars stolen in November – January than any other time of year. December is especially notorious for break ins and vandalism.

We’ve put together a list of helpful anti-theft tips you can use to protect your car and your home:

  1. LOCK UP! A lot of people do this already, but studies have shown that 50% of all vehicles stolen were left unlocked at the time of the rime. Lock up your home and your car whenever you leave it, even if you’re just running in to the store for an item or two. 
  2. Stay in the light! Thieves are less likely to steal in a well lit area, where people may catch on to what is happening. Park on streets where there is more activity and where they are lit if possible. Stay away from alleyways if you can. Leave a few lights on in your house when you leave or even keep the TV running if you’re just leaving for an hour or two.
  3. Close your windows! Roll your car windows up when you leave it. It doesn’t make much sense if you lock your car but leave your windows open. Make sure your house windows are closed and locked whenever you leave the house.
  4. Get a good insurance policy! No matter what you do, you still may be unlucky and fall victim to theft. Make sure you’d be covered if it happened to you. Get a good home owner’s insurance policy and car insurance policy that will cover you in these situations.

If you already follow these simple tips, good job! Stay safe out there.

Hugging it Out

Kim-KA few days ago, in Los Angeles, a minor fender bender made headlines.  It involved celebrity Kim Kardashian’s Mercedes G Wagon and another vehicle. Luckily the starlet was safe inside her large SUV and the driver of the other vehicle was also unharmed.  Most of us think that these celebrities are rude and entitled, but it is reported that Kim handled the situation quite politely.

According to some news sources, Kim Kardashian was trying to make a left turn in a Beverly Hills intersection when a car approaching had it’s right turn signal on. Instead of turning right, the other car reportedly went straight, causing the crash.  Again, luckily no one was hurt, and they were able to sort it out courteously. Her new baby, North wasn’t in the car.

After everything was sorted out and car insurance information was exchanged at a nearby hotel, it is reported that KK and the other driver hugged it out before saying their goodbyes. It is also reported that the future Mrs. Kanye West also offered to pay for all the damages and that no tickets were issued by the police.

If only all car accidents could happen from start to finish as peacefully as this one, the world could be a better place. Kim and the other drive both probably have great car insurance policies that allow them to relax and feel at ease that everything will be taken care of.

You can check out the full story here.

SR22 Insurance Explained

iStock_000005417609XSmallIf you don’t know what SR-22 means, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Many drivers don’t know what SR-22 is unless they are required to get it. If you are required to get a SR22, don’t panic, we can help you get everything sorted out and get you on your way quickly.

SR-22 is a certificate that proves that you have purchased the minimum liability auto insurance that is required by the state that you live in. SR22 certificates can be issued by some car insurance policies, and it’s important that you choose a car insurance company that regularly deals with SR22 cases and does them right.  Your car insurance company will notify the DMV for you so that they know you have the right amount of insurance.

A SR-22 insurance certificate is typically required when someone is caught driving under the influence, but that isn’t always the reason.  Other reasons could be being caught driving without insurance or proper insurance coverage, multiple tickets or accidents in a short period of time, and many other reasons.

The requirements for SR-22 can depend on which state you live in, but typically the insured driver will need to keep the SR22 certificate for 3 consecutive years. If there are any lapses, missed payments, or interruptions of the coverage the insurance company is required to notify the DMV by law.  If you fail to meet the requirements of the SR-22 certificate it could result in a license suspension.

If you have questions about SR-22  insurance give us a call! Vern Fonk locations across Oregon and Washington specialize in SR-22 insurance certificate.  Call us Today!