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Kirkland Insurance Agency

Kirkland has been one of the Vern Fonk families’ favorite cities for a long time. We love the area and people, and feel at home!

We take pride in being able to find the people of the Kirkland great rates on these insurance products:

Car Insurance
Home Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance
High Risk Insurance
Contractor’s Insurance
Renter’s Insurance
Flood Insurance
Homeowner’s Insurance

Call or stop by today and we’ll get you the best rates on insurance in Kirkland!

Vern Fonk Insurance Kirkland

Mount Vernon Insurance Agency

We love Mount Vernon! The beautiful area, and the great people make it an easy place to conduct business.

Our Mount Vernon Insurance Agency has been helping the residents in this area find insurance policies that fit their needs. We take pride in being able to find the best rates for our clients.

Vern Fonk Insurance Mount Vernon, WA

Our Mount Vernon agency on College Way offers these type of insurances:

  1. Auto Insurance
  2. Business Insurance
  3. Contractors Insurance
  4. Homeowner’s Insurance
  5. Renter Insurance
  6. Flood Insurance
  7. SR22 Insurance
  8. more more more!

Call us today to get a fast and free quote.

Vern Fonk Insurance in Beaverton/Tigard, OR

Vern Fonk Insurance Tigard, OR

Vern Fonk loves the people of Beaverton and Tigard, Oregon! The community has embraced us as their preferred insurance provider, and we feel honored to help the people of Tigard, Oregon find the right insurance products at the lowest prices.

We pride ourselves in our ability to find Beaverton residents the best rates on their car, home and business insurance. Call us today to find out how you can save up to 40% on your car insurance.

Vern Fonk Insurance Agency In Bellingham

Vern Fonk insurance BellinghamHave you checked out our Bellingham Insurance Agency yet? Our expert agents can help everyone find a great rate on all types of insurance products.  Our full service insurance agency in Bellingham loves the people in the area and we take pride in getting our clients the best possible rates.

Shopping for insurance in Bellingham has never been easier. Our insurance agency can help you find insurance even if you are considered “at risk”.

We offer these types of insurances and more:

  • Car
  • Sr22 Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • High Risk Insurance

Stop by or call us today!

Portland Oregon Location

Vern Fonk Insurance Portland, ORMost people know that Vern Fonk can get the best insurance rates in Washington state, but did you know that we’re in Oregon too?  We’ve been helping the residents of Oregon get great rates on home, car and business insurance for years.

Our Portland, Oregon Insurance Agency cares about Portland people! We’re here to help the people of Portland find the best insurance products for their situation.

Our Portland, OR Insurance Agency offers great rates on:

  • Car Insurance
  • SR22 Insurance
  • High Risk Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Trucking Insurance
  • Contractors Insurance
  • Surety And Contract Bonds
  • RV Insurance
  • Renters Insurance

Come check us out today!

Business Insurance

Business Owner's Happy With Insurance

You’ve got your business up and running, and the money is starting to finally come in.  The busier you get, the more comfortable and stable you may feel. If you are a business owner, your company is your livelihood. Protecting your livelihood from any potential disasters is extremely important.

Many business owners forget about getting business insurance all together because they think that it may not apply to their line of work or that they are too small to need it. That could not be further from the truth. Every business owner should have insurance to protect them from any unforeseen mistakes or disasters.

Commercial insurance is one of the most important investments a business owner can buy. Finding the right business insurance policy is extremely important, and rates can fluctuate depending on the industry, size of business and location.  Each insurance company’s rates can be vastly different and knowing what to do can be pretty confusing.

Your rate and insurance acceptance will depend on how much risk your company is subject to. Insurance underwriters will look at your business and the industry it is in to determine what they are willing to cover.

Vern Fonk specializes in finding the best commercial insurance for almost every industry. We can help you find great coverage at an affordable rate. We know that every business struggles (especially at the beginning) and we want to help you grow your business with the peace of mind that if something were to happen you’d be covered.

Surety and Contract Bonds

If you’ve been shopping around for surety and contract bonds in Washington and Oregon you may have found that most insurance companies have high credit requirements. Vern Fonk is dedicated to helping contractors in Washington and Oregon find surety and contract bonds and save money.

What is a surety bond?

A surety bond is a written contract (agreement) where one party (called the surety) obligates themselves to a second party (called the obligee), to answer for the default (mess ups) of the third party (called the principal). This may sound complicated, but basically it’s just an insurance policy that someone who is hiring a contractor can get to make sure the work they are hiring them for gets done.

We can help you find these bonds and more:

  • License Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Electrical Bonds
  • General Contractor Bonds
  • Specialty Contractor Bonds
  • Commercial Specialty Bonds
  • Commercial General Bonds
  • Residential Limited Bonds
  • Commercial Developer Bonds

If you need help finding a surety and contract bonds, give us a call! We’ll help you find a bond that works for all parties!

Small Accidents Can Equal Big Consequences

Every business, whether large or small, needs to have a good business insurance policy. Business insurance can help you from going out of business when you least expect it.

Accidents happen. There’s just no way around it. This is especially true at the workplace. No matter how many safety seminars yourself and your employees attend, things can and will go wrong at some time or another. Most of the time the accidents are relatively small and easy to fix, but sometimes they can turn out to be a lot larger than they started out as. Check out this workplace fail video we found:

Can you imagine the amount of money this accident cost the company, not to mention the cleanup after a mess like this? We pray they had a good insurance company to help them get back on track.

After purchasing a well rounded business insurance policy it is important to still practice and review basic safety principles. Holding regular safety meetings is something most successful businesses have in common, and it couldn’t hurt to have procedures in place for such accidents.

Commercial Truck Insurance

If your business uses a truck, it’s important that you have a great truck insurance policy to cover yourself, your employees, and your business. You can get commercial truck insurance if you have one truck or a whole fleet.

Isnow4t doesn’t matter what your truck is used for – whether it’s delivering packages or supplies or transporting equipment across the country – the truck is usually a main component of your business. If something were to happen to it, your business could suffer. Trucks aren’t cheap to buy, and we know what a valuable asset they can be to any business. Purchasing a commercial truck insurance policy to cover the vehicle is extremely important.

There are many different types of Truck Insurance coverages including:

  • General Liability Truck Insurance
  • Dump Truck Insurance
  • Property Damage Insurance
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
  • Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance Coverage
  • Bobtail/Deadhead

It doesn’t matter what your trucking or driving experience is, most commercial trucking insurance companies have no minimum experience limits to get coverage.

If you’re looking for trucking insurance, you may want to talk to an experienced insurance agent. They can tell you if you need commercial insurance as well. Most companies that require this extra protection are passenger carriers, household goods movers, common carries and solid waste companies.

The minimum amount of truck insurance depends on the commercial vehicle. A lot of the limits depend on the weight of the vehicle as well as the combined single limit. Talk to a Vern Fonk Insurance agent today to get the details on exactly what coverage your company truck would be required to have.

Outerspace Coverage

Alien 3We’ve all watched movies and TV shows where aliens invade and try to take over. They usually end up in a huge battle where explosions and chaos are everywhere. The aftermath is typically a good outcome for earth, but they’re left with a huge mess to clean up. Destroyed buildings and cars everywhere.

Most of us don’t fear alien invasions on a daily basis. The idea does some very far fetched and impossible. There is, however, a more realistic threat from outer space than many don’t realize, and it happens more often than you think it would. Meteors have fallen out of the sky and caused damage to homes, buildings and cars. Every year it is estimated that 78 thousand tons fall into earths atmosphere.

meteor_1414384cAs we saw with a small town in Russia, a large meteor struck the earth and caused property damage totaling over $44 million. So you may ask yourself, would my home and car be covered if this were to happen in my neighborhood?

Most Americans with good home owner’s insurance policies can relax. Most homeowner’s policies cover “falling objects”, which would include meteorites. The amount of coverage depends on the limits you have agreed to in your policy.

What about my car? Well, that all depends on your comprehensive insurance amounts in your car insurance policy. Most comprehensive policies cover damage caused by meteors or other falling objects, but of course you’ll have to pay your deductible.

So are you prepared for outer space attacks on earth? Talk to an experienced car insurance and homeowner’s insurance agent at Vern Fonk today to make sure your home and car are covered for all of the unexpected.