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Homeowner’s Insurance Bremerton
Homeowner’s Insurance in Bremerton, WA

If you’re a homeowner, having a good home insurance policy in Bremerton, WA is very important. The weather in this area is always changing and it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. Homeowner’s insurance can help you and your family recover with ease from life’s surprising twists and turns.

Protecting your family, your home and it’s contents is very important. Most mortgage companies require homeowner’s insurance to be held on any properties they deal with, but even if you own your home outright, it’s imperative that you’re prepared for any disasters.


Here are some types of homeowner’s insurance policies our Bremerton office provides:

  • Homeowner’s (aka Hazard or HOI)
  • Condominium
  • Townhome
  • Renter’s
  • Rental Property (non-owner occupied)
  • Mobile Home and RV
  • Ranch / Farm

Home insurance policies covers damage done to the structure of the home due to fire, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes and even theft. Not all policies are created equal though, some cover certain situations while others do not. The amount of coverage that you should have on your home can vary, and an expert homeowner’s insurance agent in Bremerton can help you figure out what you need.

We all know that rebuilding the structure of your home after a disaster can get very expensive, but many people forget about the items inside. Large appliances, electronics, jewelry and furniture can be very costly to replace, especially when they all need to be replaced at once. A good homeowner’s insurance policy can cover all of your items if they need to be replaced because of a covered disaster.

It is important to know what your home insurance policy in Bremerton covers and what it doesn’t. Living in Washington state your home may be in a flood zone. Most basic homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flooding and an additional flood policy will need to be purchased.


Now you know that your homeowner’s policy covers your structure and items inside, but did you know that it can cover you against lawsuits? The liability insurance protection on your homeowner insurance policy in Bremerton will help pay for legal and medical fees if someone is hurt on your property from an accident. You can be held responsible for medical bills if someone were to slip and fall on your property. The liability protection portion of your home insurnace policy will help you out in these situations. If you live near water, have a pool or trampoline, increasing your insurance coverage may be wise. Vern Fonk homeowner’s insurance agents in Bremerton can help you determine just how much liability protection you should have in your insurance policy.

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