Safe Winter Driving

December 12, 2014

Traffic and weather can get hectic around the holidays. More people are out on the roads, and things can get crazy. Extreme weather can hit at any time, catching you off guard and make the roads much more dangerous than ever.

Taking care of your vehicle before the bad weather starts is key. Keep it tuned up, and make sure your emergency kit is complete. Keep a bottle of water and some snacks somewhere in case you get stranded, and make sure your tires have enough tread for surprise snow flurries.

When driving on side streets and the freeway, make sure you leave enough space between the front of your car and the person in front of you. Leave more than enough distance for safe stopping. Even if you are confident driving in winter conditions, you never know how others may react to ice and snow.

Keep your brakes in working order. They are your best ally in freezing weather.  If you feel your car slipping, and you don’t have antilock breaks, pump them until you feel traction.

Stay safe. If you’re not comfortable braving the elements, stay inside. Keeping yourself, your family, others and your car safe should be your first priority this holiday season.

Have a happy holiday season!