Reduce Your Accident Risk – Drive Defensively

Car Insurance
March 03, 2013

Car accidents typically increase auto insurance costs for everyone. They can have a negative impact on the United States economy and of course, our moods.  If every driver in the US learned to drive more defensively, the number of accidents each year would drastically decrease.

Most Accidents are Preventable

Defensive driving tactics help drivers reduce risks and avoid potentially dangerous situations.  Here are some defensive driving tips experts have come up with:

  • Stay Aware:  Visualize everything in your path.  Keep your eyes open and focused on the road and surroundings.  Check all of your mirrors regularly and anticipate any future problems or dangers.  Keep your eyes focused ahead, anticipating what is to come.  Give yourself time to react to other motorists, animals, pedestrians and bicycles.
  • Focus:  Be present in your current task…Driving!  Avoid distractions and keep focused on what you are doing.  Keep safety as your #1 priority for yourself, your passengers and other motorists.
  • Plan Ahead:  Always have a backup plan.  If something were to happen in front of you, keep an option open for an escape route.  Do not follow other drivers closely so you have plenty of room to explore other options.  Never tailgate, and always leave room for a backup plan.
  • Check Your Speed:  Depending on weather and traffic conditions, match your speed to what is safe and what the legal posted limit is.  If the weather is icy or wet, leave extra space between you and the car ahead to give you more time to stop or react.

Remember when you’re driving out there that you can help prevent accidents happen.  This can help you keep your auto insurance rates down and help stimulate the economy in your area.  Remember to be safe and always follow your state’s driving laws.