SR22 Insurance Tips

Car Insurance
January 01, 2013

SR22 insurance isn’t made for everyone, but if you need it, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow. We’ve broken down the SR-22 basics to help you know more about it and what you’ll need to do.

What is SR-22?
An SR22 Certificate is proof of financial responsibility that many people are required to have. The SR-22 proves that you have at least the minimum amount of insurance required by your state.

Who needs SR22 Coverage?
There are many reasons someone could be required to obtain sr22 insurance. The most common reasons why someone would need to obtain it are because they have a DUI or DWI on record, or were caught driving without a license or insurance.

If you’ve been told you’re required to get sr22 insurance, don’t worry. Vern Fonk specializes in finding cheap auto insurance coverage for everyone, and we are experts with everything to do with SR 22. We’ll help you file all the necessary paperwork and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The SR 22 Process
The SR22 certificate must be filed with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Vern Fonk Insurance Agents can help by filling out the necessary paperwork for you and will make sure all your bases are covered. The SR22 will contain all of your personal information as well as your auto insurance information. It is very important that this document is filled out correctly and completely as it certifies to the DMV that you are legal to drive.

If your insurance coverage changes at any point during your SR22 period, your insurance company is required by law to notify the DMV. This includes any late payments, lapses or gaps for any reason. These changes could cause your driving privileges to be revoked or suspended and it is extremely important that you find an insurance agency that knows how to handle SR22 cases.

So if you’ve found yourself needing help with SR22 insurance, let Vern Fonk help you! We’re experienced in all SR22 options and know how to get you back on the road again.