Car Insurance
September 09, 2013

keysMost people haven’t ever heard of sr22 insurance. If they have, it was on an advertisement and left them with tons of questions. Do I need sr22 coverage? What is sr22 coverage? We’ll put those questions to rest in our FAQ Sr22 post today:

What is SR22?

An SR22 is not actually a type of insurance coverage, even though it is commonly called SR-22 Insurance. It is actually a certificate of insurance that gets filed with the state that certifies that you actually have the legally required amounts of insurance coverage in your state.  It lets the state know that you are covered with at least the legal amount of insurance coverage.

Why would someone need an SR22?

There are many reasons why someone might need to get a SR-22 certificate. Usually, it is required because there was something on their record that may suggest that the driver’s insurance coverage wasn’t sufficient. Some of the common reasons why someone may be required to get a sr-22 insurance certificate are:

  • Previously convicted for driving without insurance
  • Previously convicted of a DUI, DWI or other substance abuse offense
  • Previously convicted for a major moving violation or reckless driving
  • Too many tickets or infractions within a short period of time
  • License suspended and needed to be reinstated for one reason or another

How does one obtain an SR-22?

You have to get your SR22 certificate through a qualified insurance company. The company that has your car insurance can typically issue the sr22. Ask your insurance company for help and they’ll show you how to file it and take care of a lot of the work for you.

How long do you have to keep an SR22?

Usually, one sr22 certificate will last up to 5 years. It depends though on which state it was issued in, and how bad the offense requiring you to have sr-22 was. You will be notified by the DMV how long you’ll need it to be.  If you have any lapses in payments, changes in the policy or missed payments, your insurance company is required to report it to the DMV.

Do you need to own a car to have SR22 coverage?

If you don’t own a car you still may be required to get sr22 coverage. Sr-22 insurance companies can help you get a “non-owner sr22” policy.

If you still have questions about SR-22 insurance give us a call today.  No matter what your background is, we’ll be able to find a solution for you.