Should I Get Renter’s Insurance?

Renters Insurance
October 17, 2014
young couple with moving boxes in new apartment

Most people are surprised when we tell them how much renters insurance costs. It is very affordable and comes with great coverage. For just a few cents each day your policy can get you basic protection for your property and can help you even in the case of a lawsuit.

A lot of people also think that they’d be covered by their landlord’s insurance policy. A lot of times this isn’t true. Their policy typically covers only the building in which you live in, not your personal things and belongings.

If you’re renting a place you may think that you may not own very much “stuff”. Most people’s belongings are usually worth more than they know. They purchased each item over a long period of time and don’t realize how devastating it could be if they had to replace them all at once.

Every person renting a room or home should look into getting renters insurance. It’s very affordable and can help you if your items were damaged or stolen. It can even help with personal liability if something were to happen and you were responsible for legal fees or medical fees.

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