10 Do’s and Don’ts of Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycle Insurance
July 07, 2020

Small things can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping a motorcycle going. It is essential to take the bike to the shop when it is due for motorcycle maintenance, but there are also small DIY actions that can boost road safety, stretch your ride’s lifecycle and even save you money on the long run. Here is a motorcycle maintenance checklist with 10 Dos and Don’ts to keep your bike going.

1. DO Know Your Bike

Knowing your bike is key to identifying wear, rust, and small cracks that could become a major and expensive headache. Spotting these problems early on makes solving them easier before they turn into odd vibrations, mysterious leaks, or serious component malfunctions that cause accidents or leave you stranded.

Moving parts like the motorcycle’s chain, sprockets and suspension forks, and linkages are the components that need constant examination. However, it is also important to make sure that the bike does not leak fluids and that sparkplugs are working correctly. You do not want to realize that something is wrong with while being cut off by a trailer on the freeway.

2. DON’T Wait for Something to Fail to Visit the Shop

Taking your bike to the shop regularly means it’s easier for mechanics to detect and fix problems that you might have missed on your regular walkarounds. This will not only prolong the life of your ride but also help you avoid expensive replacements and repairs.

3. DO Keep a Tight Preventive Maintenance Schedule

mechanic maintaining a motorcycle

Waiting for something to break down to take your motorcycle to the shop is a bad idea that can get expensive fast. Avoid that by planning your service visits and doing preventive motorcycle maintenance. Remember: the rule of thumb is following the recommendations of the user’s manual or visiting the shop at least once per year or every 10,000 miles.

4. DON’T Skimp on Spare Parts and Services

Investing in quality components and paying for adequate motorcycle maintenance must keep your ride running nicely. Cheap parts will be a headache in the long run as they will require constant replacements and might damage the different systems of your motorcycle.

5. DO Check Tire Pressure and Wear at Least Once a Week

Although it seems obvious, it is common to neglect tires until it is too late. Pressure and wear are the two things to keep in mind when it comes to tire maintenance. Under-inflated tires overheat, increase fuel consumption, and could give up mid-journey while over-inflated tires can be a safety hazard because of reduced traction. If you notice that a tire is losing pressure rapidly, replace both the front and rear tires.

6. DON’T Forget to Change Your Oil

hand changing the oil on a motorcycle for maintance

Running on old oil can cause corrosion damage to your engine and its internal components, which translates to expensive repairs and reduced bike longevity. Remember to get your oil and filter changed according to the manufacturer’s specifications or change it yourself to avoid this.

 7. DO Keep Your Chain Clean and Well-Greased

Many bikes circulating in Louisiana and Alabama rely on chains to transmit the engine’s power to the wheels. Keeping this part in good condition will translate to an enjoyable driving experience and will prevent accidents. The general rule here is to keep the chain lubricated to prevent overheating and wear. A worn chain can snap or fall out of the sprocket, which is extremely dangerous.

8. DON’T Forget to Change Your Filters

There are three main filters to pay attention to when it comes to motorcycle maintenance: air, oil, and fuel. These parts are vital to keeping your ride performing as well as possible, so it’s important to change them when necessary. This is part of the basic service that should be done on a bike, so next time you pay a visit to your mechanic, make sure to have them checked.

9. DO Wash Your Motorcycle

man washing a motorcycle with a soap and sponge.

A clean ride not only stands out from the pack but is also easier to service. Signs of wear, rust, or corrosion are more evident when a motorcycle is clean, and it is also easier to notice if bolts are missing or if some components are loose or unaligned. This makes it easier for you or your mechanic to provide motorcycle maintenance and fix any problems.

10. DON’T Miss Out on the Fun of Driving a Bike!

Get ready for riding season by taking advantage of this motorcycle maintenance checklist. Make sure that your mechanic offers performs its service correctly and try out these DIY tips. Wear a helmet and ride on! 

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