Home Safety Tips

Homeowners Insurance
February 16, 2015

20 million people are hospitalized each year because of injuries at home, 20 thousand of those people sadly, die. Your home should be a place where you feel most comfortable. There are many ways you can help decrease your chances of injury at home.

The first step in making your home safer is by removing or eliminating any hazardous areas. The most common injuries are caused by slipping or falling. It’s important to look around your home for areas where it could be easy for someone to slip or fall. Walk around you home and look for problem areas. Changing floor patterns can cause someone to trip. Rugs can slip, so use a pad underneath them to keep them from sliding around. Exposed wires can get in the way and trip someone up. Keep steps and problem areas illuminated with proper lighting.

If you have any toxic materials make sure they are locked up or out of reach of children. Medicine, cleaner, gasoline, and other chemicals can be very dangerous if ingested or exposed to open flames. Keep the lids securely fastened and locked if possible. Keep the poison control phone number in an easy to find location in case of an emergency.

If something were to happen at your home, it could end up costing you a fortune. Havign a well rounded homeowner’s insurance policy can help out in these situations. Doctors bills and home repairs can add up quite quickly. Having a good home insurance policy can give you peace of mind on a daily basis.