Hurricane Sandy – A Trail of Damaged Vehicles

Car Insurance
November 8, 2012

In late October 2012 Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record. It had left a trail of devastation in parts of the Caribbean  the Mid-Atlantic United States and Northeastern United States. It had affected at least 24 states from Maine to Florida, with most of the damage hitting New Jersey and New York. Sandy has left more than eight million homes without power. Over 120 people were reported dead. Millions of business still are not up and running.

The Superstorm Sandy has been said to have sent at least 250,000 new and used vehicles to the junk yard. While this may come as great news to those in auto sales, many under insured motorists are wishing they were had been more prepared.

While many residents took care of boarding up their windows and putting sandbags out in front of their homes or business, they had forgotten about their cars. There isn’t much a vehicle owner can do to avoid the damage of their vehicle in a natural disaster. Many car owners tried moving their cars away from potential dangers such as trees and power lines but still suffered damage from the colossal flooding.

Heavy flooding from Superstorm Sandy left a trail of stranded cars all over the roads. Many vehicles had been pushed down stream or even turned over from the flood’s massive currents. Vehicle damage from flooding can be extremely extensive. You can dry out a car completely and still have electrical issues, smelly odors, and silt deep in the seats or carpets. These repairs are usually very expensive to fix. Generally speaking, if the waterline goes past the floorboards or where the electrical components are, it can mean that the car is considered totaled.

Flood damage to a car is typically covered by a vehicles comprehensive insurance plan. Many drivers in the path of Sandy’s devastation were not prepared with adequate car insurance and have to now deal with the consequences.

You never know when a natural disaster will strike. Be prepared with the best car insurance and make sure you, your car, your home and your loved ones are covered for these surprise nature attacks.