States With Highest Car Insurance Premiums $

Car Insurance
August 9, 2013

Where you live can have a great impact on how much you’ll end up spending on car insurance. Each state has different laws governing car insurance amounts and your quote could be a different amount depending on which zip code you live in too!

Auto insurance rates can vary depending on what car you drive, your driving history and a number of other factors. The average annual car insurance rates for drivers for each state were tallied up and the most expensive places were:

1. Louisiana
2. Michigan
4. Georgia
5. Oklahoma

So if you are trying to save some money on auto insurance, and have any say in where you live, steer clear of these states!

The cheapest state for car insurance came out to be on the opposite side of the country – Maine. The average auto insurance policy there costs $934 while Louisiana comes in around $2,699.

You may ask yourself where the great state or Washington comes in on this list. Well as a big surprise to many, Washington’s car insurance rates are one of the cheapest coming in at #45 out of 51! (They counted Washington, DC on the list.) So we’ve got it good compared to most of the country!