Do Parking Tickets Affect Car Insurance Premiums?

Car Insurance
March 03, 2013

parking ticketThis is a question many car insurance agents get.  The simple answer is no, unless you forget or neglect paying them.

Car insurance premiums are based mostly on risk. Numerous factors come into play for each auto insurance company to determine just how risky an individual may be.  Parking tickets aren’t necessarily considered “risky” infractions because they typically do not pose a threat to other drivers or property.  This is why parking tickets do not have a direct affect on how much you’ll have to pay for auto insurance.

Your insurance company will likely never pay for one of your parking violations, and you’ll have to deal with it out of pocket.  If you fail to pay your parking tickets over time though, it could indirectly hurt your chances of getting the best rates for car insurance.

If you fail to pay parking tickets there are many states that will suspend your license or registration.  Showing a suspended license or registration on your history could pose a threat to getting the lowest insurance premiums.  After your registration or license is suspended, if you choose to drive anyway and are caught, you’ll have to deal with even harsher consequences.

Long story short, pay your parking tickets in a timely manner!  If an insurance company or agent tells you they are going to charge you a high rate because of your past parking or non-moving violations, shop around!  Our agents are readily available to find you the best rate… period!