Why Get Business Liability Insurance?

Business Insurance
September 20, 2013

Accidents can happen anywhere, at home or at work. Most homeowner’s have a homeowner’s insurance policy to protect themselves against these accidents. Business owner’s are less likely to have a strong liability insurance policy even though accidents are just as likely to happen at the workplace. Business insurance should be an important part of any company’s business plan.

Business liability insurance can help save your company from going under if an accident were to occur. Commercial General Liability (aka CGL) insurance will be there to help you if your company were to be sued.

CGL protects you if your company is sued by someone else. It will help you come up with representation and help you plead your case as well as help cover fees. Commercial General Liability Insurance’s main function is to provide bodily injury and property damage liability as well as personal injury liability. It will help cover you if one of your employees causes damage to someone else’s property, or even if someone were to be injured on your company property or by an employee during business hours. The most common bodily injury claim is when someone slips and falls at a business location and is injured.

As you can see, having business insurance is extremely important to keeping your business running smoothly and for preparing for the worst. Your business is your livelihood, and if an accident were to happen, you want to be protected so that your business can thrive through those challenging times.