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Thanksgiving Homeowner’s Insurance!

Carving Turkey DinnerThanksgiving is next week! Can you believe it? Time is flying by, and the year is almost over. As the holidays approach, the number of homeowner’s insurance claims increases statistically. Did you know that more homeowner’s insurance claims for fire happen on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year?

Most people don’t think of Thanksgiving as a day to be cautious, but exercising caution on a day where more cooking is done throughout the country than any other day is important. With all the people around and games on TV, getting distracted is quite easy to do.

Cooking related home insurance claims more than double on this day. The leading factor in these Thanksgiving Day fires is when someone leaves items cooking unattended, which can lead to deadly grease fires. Grease fires are the hardest to put out, and can spread very quickly. Deep frying your turkey is more dangerous than more traditional methods as the fryers can tip over easily and spill deadly hot oil or grease all over the place.

Some tips to keep your home safe during Turkey Day are:

  • Pay attention to your Turkey. If you plan to let it cook for hours and hours, have a schedule of who is going to “keep watch” on it regularly. 
  • If you’re planning on watching any games on Thanksgiving, try to have the main courses already cooked before they start so you can enjoy the games instead of constantly having to rush around the kitchen.
  • Don’t overfill the oil in the fryer pot – overfilling can lead to hot oil spattering and spilling out once the turkey is put in. Oil hitting a burner on a stove can instantly catch fire and spread
  • Never spray water on a grease fire, as that will spread the fire. Keep a fire extinguisher handy
  • Keep children and pets out of the kitchen on this hectic cooking day as it can be extremely dangerous.

Happy Thanksgiving from our entire Vern Fonk insurance staff in Washington and Oregon. Stay safe and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Common Mistakes When Buying Homeowners Insurance

Buying homeowners insurance in Washington and Oregon can be confusing. Even if you’ve done it before, mistakes can happen, especially if you buy in a rush if you’re closing on your mortgage. It isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things to look out for and to do when shopping around.

Don’t Stop After the First Quote
It’s likely that you didn’t purchase the first home that you saw, you had to check out other comparable houses and weight the pros and cons. This should be the same process for shopping homeowner’s insurance quotes.

Compare apples to apples. Make sure the coverage amounts you are comparing are similar if you’re choosing based on price. Even if you’ve been with the same insurance provider for years, calling around for quotes is s a wise idea.

Use the Right Dwelling Coverage Numbers
Dwelling coverage is what helps covert he cost of repair or rebuild to your home if it is damaged by fire, wind, hail or other covered disasters. The dwelling coverage should be set high enough to rebuild your entire home – from the ground up.

The dwelling coverage amount might not be the same number as what you paid for your home. Building costs may have increased in your area and that could cause the number to be higher. The amount could be lower as well, as you wouldn’t have to purchase another piece of land to rebuild your home on.

Using the right calculators to come up with your dwelling coverage amount can help you narrow the right number down. They typically take your zip code and square footage to come up with a comparable range to work with.

Too High or Low Deductible
You should be able to afford the deductible on your homeowners insurance policy at any time. You never know when a disaster may strike, and you can rest assured if you have enough to cover it.

If your deductible is too low, you may be paying a high monthly premium. Generally speaking, the higher your deductible amount is the lower your premium will be. You know your financial situation better than anyone, and budgeting for these expenses properly is important.

If you have questions about buying a Homeowner’s Insurance policy for your family, call Vern Fonk today for a hassle free quote.

Am I Considered “High Risk”?

Vern Fonk Insurance believes everyone deserves great rates on their auto insurance policy, even if they are in the “high risk” insurance category. We make high risk insurance affordable for all drivers in Washington and Oregon.

How do I know if I’m considered “High Risk”?

The word “high risk” can be thrown around in many different situations. Typically you could be considered a high risk or risky driver if:

  • You’ve had 3 or more moving violations in last few years
  • A hit and run violation
  • DUI or multiple DUIs on record
  • DWI or multiple DWIs on record
  • Reckless driving violations
  • Vehicular negligent injury

If any of these sound like your driving history you may be paying too much for your car insurance with your current provider. Call Vern Fonk Insurance today to get a great rate on your car insurance.