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Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween! Time to dress up and party. We at Vern Fonk wish you a happy, safe holiday and hope you have a great weekend. Please remember to drive safely and always use a designated driver.

Most car accidents happen around the holidays. The weather is typically worse than any other time of the year, and there are more parties involving alcohol. Please stay safe, drive defensively and never drive drunk.

Our clients always dress to impress on Halloween, and we love seeing their hilarious costumes on social media and in person.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.21.00 AMIf you’re not sure what to be this Halloween, check out some of the wacky outfits we’ve used in our past commercials, and you may be inspired:

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DUI and the Law

Did you know that Washington state is #25 in the country for highest number of drunk driving deaths? Driving under the influence puts yourself and others in extreme danger, even at low speeds. If you get caught the ticket isn’t the only price you will have to pay for. DUIs can cost you big time in fines, attorney fees, lost wages and even alcohol education fees.

The minimum find for a driver caught for the first time DUI is $940.50. That is just the initial fine. Your car insurance rates may go up, or your license could even be suspended. Lawyer fees for disputing a DUI charge can be at least $2000 and that can drain your wallet pretty quickly.

What should you do if you get a DUI?

If you have gotten one or multiple DUIs, you insurance company may dramatically increase your rates or even drop your coverage all together. You should start shopping for a different car insurance company.

Vern Fonk specializes in “high risk” car insurance in Oregon and Washington. We are able to find our clients with DUI(s) on their record the best possible auto insurance rates. We believe everyone deserves a second chance and should be able to get back on the road quickly.

Here’s an info graphic that shows the average insurance costs for 5 years after a first-time DUI by city in Washington:

Infographic Source –

So if you’ve been caught with a DUI, check out the average costs above and give us a call to see how we can save you money.

Should I Get Renter’s Insurance?

Most people are surprised when we tell them how much renters insurance costs. It is very affordable and comes with great coverage. For just a few cents each day your policy can get you basic protection for your property and can help you even in the case of a lawsuit.

A lot of people also think that they’d be covered by their landlord’s insurance policy. A lot of times this isn’t true. Their policy typically covers only the building in which you live in, not your personal things and belongings.

If you’re renting a place you may think that you may not own very much “stuff”. Most people’s belongings are usually worth more than they know. They purchased each item over a long period of time and don’t realize how devastating it could be if they had to replace them all at once.

Every person renting a room or home should look into getting renters insurance. It’s very affordable and can help you if your items were damaged or stolen. It can even help with personal liability if something were to happen and you were responsible for legal fees or medical fees.

Call a Vern Fonk insurance agent today to find the lowest rates on renter’s insurance today!

More Insurance FAQs

We recently wrote about Insurance Frequently Asked Questions and have come up with some more:

Does my credit score effect my insurance rate?
Not at Vern Fonk! We work with at least 9 different insurance companies that don’t discriminate based off of your credit score. If your score isn’t perfect, let us show you how you can get a great rate on your insurance.

What type of coverage covers damages done to my vehicle?
This depends on how the damage was caused. It can be either covered by comprehensive coverage or collision insurance.

If your car was in an accident with another vehicle or physical property it would be covered by collision insurance.

If the damaged was caused by a fallen tree, animal, fire, or if it was stolen or vandalized, a comprehensive policy would cover these damages.

Am I out of luck if I have too many tickets or accidents on my record?
Absolutely not! Vern Fonk works with over 20 different insurance companies that work with “high risk” clients. If you were turned away or quoted astronomical rates with the larger insurance companies, give us a call and we’ll get you an insurance policy you can afford.

Surety and Contract Bonds

If you’ve been shopping around for surety and contract bonds in Washington and Oregon you may have found that most insurance companies have high credit requirements. Vern Fonk is dedicated to helping contractors in Washington and Oregon find surety and contract bonds and save money.

What is a surety bond?

A surety bond is a written contract (agreement) where one party (called the surety) obligates themselves to a second party (called the obligee), to answer for the default (mess ups) of the third party (called the principal). This may sound complicated, but basically it’s just an insurance policy that someone who is hiring a contractor can get to make sure the work they are hiring them for gets done.

We can help you find these bonds and more:

  • License Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Electrical Bonds
  • General Contractor Bonds
  • Specialty Contractor Bonds
  • Commercial Specialty Bonds
  • Commercial General Bonds
  • Residential Limited Bonds
  • Commercial Developer Bonds

If you need help finding a surety and contract bonds, give us a call! We’ll help you find a bond that works for all parties!