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Midlife Crisis Cars

Are you or someone you know feeling a little uneasy about your age? Many people would call the quest to find something that makes you feel young again a midlife crisis. There are many things people do to feel young (dye their hair, buy new clothes, etc) but the most popular, and perhaps most public way to do it is to buy a fancy fast new car or motorcycle.

Here are some of the best cars and motorcycles you could get if you’re going through a midlife crisis:

Chevy Corvette Stingray Convertible
The Corvette is the mother of all “mid life crisis cars”. The curves and lines on the body of the car is provocative and the car packs a punch of power. The convertible option allows you to check out the scenery and allow the wind to blow through whatever hair you may have left on your head.

The BMW M5 is fast! 560 horsepower gets you moving with little effort. This car still keeps it looking professional and still holds passengers as a 4 door sedan. The interior is roomy and the trunk is fairly large.

Factory Five 1933 Hot Rod
If you’ve got extra time on your hands this is the car for you. Get in your garage and build this beauty with your own hands. Not only will this ride help you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you get it to work, you’ll look super cool rolling down the street in this classic beauty.

Ferrari California T
If money isn’t an issue, the Ferrari is the ultimate dream car for any middle aged human. The starting price of $200k can set you back a bit, but nothing says you’ve arrived like a Ferrari.

There are so many other cool (and fast) cars out there to help you fill the void in your life!  If you’ve found the car of your dreams, get it! Then call us, we’ll help you find the cheapest auto insurance to help you afford that sweet ride!

Small Accidents Can Equal Big Consequences

Every business, whether large or small, needs to have a good business insurance policy. Business insurance can help you from going out of business when you least expect it.

Accidents happen. There’s just no way around it. This is especially true at the workplace. No matter how many safety seminars yourself and your employees attend, things can and will go wrong at some time or another. Most of the time the accidents are relatively small and easy to fix, but sometimes they can turn out to be a lot larger than they started out as. Check out this workplace fail video we found:

Can you imagine the amount of money this accident cost the company, not to mention the cleanup after a mess like this? We pray they had a good insurance company to help them get back on track.

After purchasing a well rounded business insurance policy it is important to still practice and review basic safety principles. Holding regular safety meetings is something most successful businesses have in common, and it couldn’t hurt to have procedures in place for such accidents.

Do I Have Full Coverage?

The term “full coverage” can be a little confusing and misleading. The term Full Coverage in car insurance just means that you have a good combination of Liability, Comprehensive and Collision coverage on your car insurance policy. A well rounded policy can help cover you in nearly any scenario possible.

Collision Coverage. This type of coverage helps pay for damages from actual collision accidents. The collision could be with another vehicle or object (piece of property). Collision coverage covers just your vehicle and gives you the foundation for your full coverage policy.

Liability Coverage. In Washington and Oregon, there are required state minimums of Liability Coverage that must be on your car insurance policy. A lot of times just having the minimum coverage on your policy isn’t enough.  If you get into an accident, and you’re at fault it covers the damages and injury expenses you caused to that person or their property.  Medical bills and car repair bills can add up quickly, especially if more than one other person is involved, so increasing your coverage amounts to the maximum level can be wise.

Comprehensive Coverage. Comprehensive coverage is a great tool to have if something other than a collision happens to your vehicle. It covers you if something due to weather, natural disasters or falling objects damage your car and even covers damages done from fire, broken windshields, theft and vandalism.  Comprehensive coverage is the last piece needed to have “full coverage”.

Those are the 3 major coverage types for coverages to get you started with a “full coverage” car insurance policy. There are many more coverages that you can add to your account to cover you in all situations. Other common types of additional coverages could be:

Uninsured motorist coverage
Underinsured motorist coverage
Personal Injury Protection
Roadside assistance / towing coverage
Rental Car Reimbursement

Depending on what “full coverage” means to you, you’ll need to mix and add different coverages to create a car insurance policy that works for your driving needs and your budget.

Homeowner’s Liability Coverage

summerIs your home properly insured for summer fun? As the sun comes out many homeowners start inviting people over for bbqs and fun activities at their homes. Nearly all summertime outdoor activities increase the risk of an accident, and if that accident happens on your property, you may be liable for the medical and legal fees.

That’s where your homeowners insurance policy comes in. Most people know that their homeowner’s insurance policy covers them if there is a covered natural disaster, fire or theft, but don’t really understand the liability coverage it also offers. Legal and medical fees from an accident can really add up, and it’s important to have adequate coverage on your home.

trampolineIf your home is near a body of water, has a pool or trampoline, it may be wise to increase your liability coverage on your home insurance policy. Pools and trampolines can be extememly fun for your family but they come with their own dangers. Check with your insurance company to make sure you’d be covered from an accident involving your backyard pool or trampoline.

Call an agent today to make sure you’re prepared for all that summer has to offer. Our expert homeowner’s insurance agents in Washington and Oregon are standing by ready to help you find the right policy for your home and your family.