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Wash Winter Away

snow4Spring is here! This past winter was a doozy. Harsh temperatures combined with record rainfall did a number on the streets and cars of Washington and Oregon. Potholes became wider and deeper, while the salt that layered the roads for the icy temperatures stuck to our cars like glue. Now that the worst is behind us, it’s time to get our cars back to normal.

The salt that is laid on the streets to combat icy conditions can damage your car if left on for too long. It can eat away at the undercarriage without you even knowing it. Washing your car regularly can help avoid this issue. Make sure you pay extra attention to the underside of your vehicle to ensure it has been fully washed as well. A good, high-quality wax treatment is also a good idea to seal your fresh wash and protect the finish of your car throughout the upcoming months.

Take the time to inspect your car’s battery. Salt can and dirt can find their way up into the engine area and create a layer of residue on your battery. Keep your vehicle’s battery in tip-top shape by taking a rag and some mild cleaner to it every 3 months or so.

It’s time to change out your winter tires. As soon as the snow season ends, it’s a good idea to retire the winter studded tires for the season and put back on the regular, all-weather tires.

Change out your wiper blades. Snow, ice, salt and dirt can wear wiper blades down quickly. Change them out for fresh ones so you’ll be prepared for the summer storms that the Pacific Northwest is known for.

Before summer hits, check your auto insurance policy for any discounts. Call a local Vern Fonk Insurance Agent today to see how you can save money on your car insurance rates. It’ll only take a few minutes and you could end up saving hundreds of dollars on car insurance.

Do you need flood insurance?

imagesfloodIf you live in Washington or Oregon the threat of a flood is always around the corner. Even if you think you live in a safe spot, flash floods and nearby overflowing rivers can leave a devastating path. Most basic homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage from flooding in their clauses, and an additional flood policy may need to be purchased.

All insured lenders are required by federally regulated laws to require flood insurance on properties that are located in areas that are labeled “high risk” for flooding.  So, you mortgage company may require you to purchase additional flood insurance in addition to your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Lenders have a database of risky areas, and use your address in this system to determine whether or not your home is “at risk”. If your home is in a high risk area this means that there is at least a 1 and 4 chance of flooding in a 30-year loan period.  If your home is in the “moderate-to-low risk” are less likely to be flooded, but still are required to have flood insurance.

Your homeowner’s insurance agent can help you find the right flood insurance policy for your home. Your mortgage company will need proof of coverage, and if you make any changes or switch insurance companies you will need to notify them. Vern Fonk Homeowner’s Insurance Agents are very experienced with flood insurance policies and can find you the best policy for your needs and budget. Call us today!

Hugging it Out

Kim-KA few days ago, in Los Angeles, a minor fender bender made headlines.  It involved celebrity Kim Kardashian’s Mercedes G Wagon and another vehicle. Luckily the starlet was safe inside her large SUV and the driver of the other vehicle was also unharmed.  Most of us think that these celebrities are rude and entitled, but it is reported that Kim handled the situation quite politely.

According to some news sources, Kim Kardashian was trying to make a left turn in a Beverly Hills intersection when a car approaching had it’s right turn signal on. Instead of turning right, the other car reportedly went straight, causing the crash.  Again, luckily no one was hurt, and they were able to sort it out courteously. Her new baby, North wasn’t in the car.

After everything was sorted out and car insurance information was exchanged at a nearby hotel, it is reported that KK and the other driver hugged it out before saying their goodbyes. It is also reported that the future Mrs. Kanye West also offered to pay for all the damages and that no tickets were issued by the police.

If only all car accidents could happen from start to finish as peacefully as this one, the world could be a better place. Kim and the other drive both probably have great car insurance policies that allow them to relax and feel at ease that everything will be taken care of.

You can check out the full story here.

Finding a Business Insurance Agent

2012-01-23_15-52-23_949Having business insurance should be important to every business owner. Finding the right commercial insurance agent for your business can seem tricky with all the choices out there these days, but once you find an insurance agent that works well with you, it can be a partnership that helps your company grow over the years.

A good contractor’s or business insurance agent can bring you more value than the price of the policy. A well rounded business insurance policy can help your business prosper in many ways. It can help cover your business from accidents and lawsuits, letting you focus on setting and achieving your company goals.

Whether you need commercial liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, surety and contract bonds, or contractor’s insurance, you’ll want to work with an agent who knows what they’re talking about.  Most business owner’s don’t know much about HIPPA or other federal regulations, so it’s important to use an agent who knows the ins and outs of all the federal regs that may pertain to your industry.

Most contractor’s insurance agents, or other business insurance agents use multiple insurance companies and can get you a quote from each. This can save you time from shopping around and they’ll be sure to get you the right insurance products for your business.

If you’re looking for a qualified business insurance agent in Washington or Oregon, look no further! Our Vern Fonk Insurance Agents across both states are experienced and knowledgeable in just about every industry.  Give us a call today!

Is Your Car Insurance The Right One For You?

Finding the right car insurance policy is very important. Not all policies are created equal. Sometimes you won’t know if you’re in the right car insurance policy until it is too late, and there has been an accident. Staying on top of the ball and reviewing your auto insurance policy regularly is a step in the right direction towards car insurance bliss.

Ask your friends and family members what car insurance company they go through. For some this is a no brainer, but others don’t ever think to ask. If you feel you can trust your family and friends, and they happen to like the insurance company they’re with, you may like them too! Also, check social media sites and blogs to read reviews and complaints about each company when shopping around. Research the companies you have narrowed your choices down to and see if you can find advice on specific agents to see.

If you are in the process of shopping around, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. As we said before, not all policies are the same, but when comparing prices make sure the policies you are comparing are similar. Make sure the policies are for the same amount of time, coverage amounts, and have the same add ons.

If good, friendly service is important to you, find a local agent that can be your go-to man/woman to get the job done. They’ll be able to take care of all your questions and personalize your policy.

As always, talk with an experienced agent. Vern Fonk works with hundreds of local and national car insurance companies to find our clients the best rates and the best coverage. Give us a call today!